Resolutions. The most global case of collective delusion right next to climate denial. Nonetheless, we’ve gathered a few recommendations from the year 2018. Here is a recap of the conclusions we have reached, with real bits of climate action in it. This year has been a ride! And see you on the other side, as always.

  1. Post up a veggie and fruit calendar and respect it for grocery shopping.
  2. Take a Tupperware to the restaurant for leftovers.
  3. Make a 10 Euro donation with the Plan A Climate Crowdfunding Platform.

    crowdfunding campaigns plan A

    Each project with real goodness and humanity in them.


  4. Ask your friend to make a 10 Euro donation with the Plan A Climate Crowdfunding Platform.
  5. Ask your mom to make a 10 Euro donation with the Plan A Climate Crowdfunding Platform .
  6. Get your vegetables delivered to your home, cheaper, and better than supermarkets. Why use delivery for everything else? Better yet, grow your own avos and onions with our to-the-point action cards. A two-step process for a lifetime of good for you!
  7. Try and repurpose one item of clothing you don’t really wear anymore and turn it into something useful. Discover how on our academy with a workshop we organised last Spring.
  8. Watch this TED talk by climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe and share it with your friends. Because the best thing you can do for climate action is talk about it. Feel free to share Plan A’s articles, projects and country pages. The sustainable knowledge community is not going to build itself.

  9. Offer myself a tin mug I really like so I can show off with it at the coffee shop. Good gift idea for coffee addicts too.
  10. Stop with plastic wrapping items. Make it a selling point and make a point to remove the plastic in-store, rather than in your trash. You’ve got to get mad!
  11. Spend 1 day getting rid of plastic kitchen tools and replace with metal. Here is a friendly reminder to take the cutlery you need to eat outside! Say no to single-use disposable plastics once and for all. They’re not a fatality. They’re just gross.
  12. Get rid of your old emails. It’s not because it’s digital that it’s not stored in huge data centres. These are expected to consume 20% of all our electricity by 2025. Do yourself a favour, unsubscribe from that promotional newsletter from, the planet doesn’t need it. However, we will recommend the best one out there:

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  13. If you’re eating meat, try vegetarianism 2 days this week, if you’re veggie, try veganism 2 days this week, if your vegan, cook a meal for some of your non-vegan friends so they discover what real culinary diversity can be! Print (or send digitally) our Vegetarian Action Card for a quick challenge among friends.
  14. Never do a trip without picking something up and put it in the trash. Seriously, this will make you realise the size of the problem. You’ll never see parks the same way, but that’s a good thing. Read all about our park clean-up events in Berlin and in style.