1. Listen to our Playlists for the Planet! Grooves for change readily available for all situations of life, even the most desperate ones!

    Playlists for Change

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  2. Use pocket ashtray until you avoid/quit smoking
  3. In which bin does the egg carton box goes to? Keep yourself informed of WASTE SEGREGATION rules set by local municipality.
  4. Start an underground revolutionary movement that aims to bring down neoliberal capitalism

    Climate action, no plan b

    All in good measures. 

  5. Find the official NGO registry of your country online, search for local environmental organisation and reach out to them about how you can get involved with solving issues in your local community.
  6. Better yet, start fundraising for a project or your own and apply to list your climate action on our crowdfunding platform. There is no time no place and no better person than you to create the change you to see happen on this planet.
  7. Or become a Plan A Ambassador and promote climate action to your circles. You can become a contributor to this academy or fundraise for projects, themes or places that are dear to your heart. We need all hands on deck, and yours have got specific powers we cannot find anywhere else! Join the action by filling our volunteer form.
  8. Read Elizabeth Kolbert’s Fieldnotes from a Catastrophe and pass it on to your friends. Exchange, circulate and pass books around. Knowledge doesn’t want shelflife, it wants eyes to read about it.
  9. Do you know your footprint? Take the time to calculate where you stand in the fight against climate change. Understanding your weight, and where you can make progress will make your sustainable journey so much easier, and kind of cooler. You’ll start winning all arguments of legitimacy. Just because you took a 2-minute test.
  10. Check your social media actions. The influence of digital communication is huge. Learn how to be a wildlife ally on social media and combine Instagram marvels whilst fighting animal cruelty.
  11. Start an electricity-free hobby! From Netflix to New Year resolutions research, humans spend way too much time using screens, and health impacts are real. This is the opportunity to start something. You’ve always wanted to learn something since you were a kid. Do it now, book a class, don’t think.
  12. Take a Tupperware to your workplace. To-go packaging is one of the last strongholds of disposable plastics. Instead of accepting leaking polluting packaging, bring your bossTupperwaree and associated cutlery to lead by example… And have a decent style.
  13. Lobby MPs and Parliament: letters, petitions and phone calls. You are not alone and your voice is not only defined by your vote. Push the people you elected (or not) to do what they need to do on the climate front. You’d be surprised by the reactions of elected figures to popular pressure.
  14. Do you live near the seaside? Organise a community Winter bath and clean-up with Plan A’s Climate Crowdfunding Platform.
  15. Did we mention to support Plan A? Whether it is through a gift, some time or by using your voice to promote our actions, you are making a difference. Shout, twist and shout again for climate action. 2019 is a key year for our planet, and thus for each and every person that lives there. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of History.