8 sustainable resolutions for businesses in 2023

8 sustainable resolutions for businesses in 2023

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Make 2021 greener.

To make 2023 count, we have curated a list of the best sustainable resolutions to take on for this upcoming year, either at home or at the office.

Welcome to the future. We are in 2023, and the planet is still in a crisis. To start the new year in style, each of us tries their hardest: eating healthier, mastering work-life balance or running the New-York marathon. For 2023, we invite you to join us in making a difference by achieving sustainable resolutions for you and your business.

2023, the year of sustainable resolutions

It's not a secret, scientists have warned us for decades that climate change is caused by the "greenhouse effect" linked to the expansion of human activity. One of the culprits being, of course, the increased release of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. This gas is released through natural processes such as volcanic eruptions or respirations; or human activities like deforestation, burning fossil fuels and land usage. Humans have increased atmospheric CO2 concentration by 47% since the Industrial Revolution began. So, it's never been a more critical time to make your year ahead your year of sustainable resolutions.

Sustainable resolutions #1: Start tracking and reducing your carbon footprint with Plan A

To amplify awareness, the United Nations recently released an alarming report about the current state of climate change. The conclusion was made that governments and businesses are not putting enough resources, time and capital into climate action. This year, the institution is imploring us to "urgently step up climate action".

We live our lives in the illusion that any action is good, without understanding the ongoing dangers of Greenwashing.

Lubomila Jordanova, CEO & Founder of Plan A

For this, Plan A has developed a carbon manager software, enabling companies to monitor, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. Simultaneously, the tool delivers tailored action plans to significantly reduce your carbon footprint while driving a sustainability employee culture in your enterprise. Plan A has based its software on rigorous scientific methodologies while being at the antipodes of greenwashing.

Reducing your carbon footprint should be the priority of your sustainable resolutions for 2021 and the next years to come.

#2: Ditch your usual search engine and opt for Ecosia

Did you know that your internet queries emit significant amounts of CO2? According to the Shift project, our computers, the internet and systems supporting them account for 3.7% of global GHG emissions. This is equivalent to what the airline industry produces itself globally. On the other hand, one google search emits between 1g to 10g of CO2.

Switching to Ecosia (extension available on Google Chrome) enables you to become a greener nerd. Each research query plants a tree in regions that are deforested. Ecosia uses its ads revenue to plant trees and does not conserve your search history. So for this new year, become a tree-planting search hero! Make it mandatory in your office.

#3: Support and buy local

Supporting sustainable, locally-made choices is crucial, especially during those difficult times. Purchasing locally-sourced goods and services enable farmers, shop-owners, local entrepreneurs to stay sustainable financially. So next time you are brainstorming on office gifts, furniture, or food - think locally.

#4: Stay in the know

"I think we risk becoming the best-informed society that has ever died of ignorance", once said Ruben Blades. Knowledge is not perfect, and for that, we have to stay informed on a range of various topics. When it comes to climate change, it is about studying the problem first, then discovering the solutions.

Becoming a green expert can be on your sustainable resolutions list, and for that, we have prepared insightful resources to keep you updated on the latest climate change news. Subscribe to a few of our favourites:

#5: Breathe new life into the office with more plants than humans

Start the new year in style, by putting more plants than humans into your office and home surroundings. It will ameliorate the air quality indoors while bringing green vibes to your office! Plants bring creativity, imagination and productivity. It also decreases stress levels, envy to run out of the office, and absenteeism. Start your greener resolutions by making your workspace more attractive with plants. We did it at Plan A, and all employees enjoy taking care of these precious air purifiers.

#6: Ditch single-use plastic containers

Become a green champion by ditching single-use plastic containers at the office. It's not rocket science; all forms of plastic are bad for the environment and your health! Plastic containers and bottles release micro-plastic particles, entering slowly but surely into your body. Start a green initiative in your office by preferring reusable containers and steel or glass bottles. Say hello to a plastic-free life in 2023.

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#7: Pick a thoughtful offsetting project

You can now choose to offset your company's carbon emissions through our Gold Standard projects and improve others' lives at the same time.

#8: Go Vegan

Last but not least of your 2021 sustainable resolutions: Join Veganuary! The UK campaign "Veganuary" pledges individuals to try the vegan diet, at least for January. According to NGOs, a vegan diet emits 41.7% less GHG emissions compared to meat-eating counterparts. So why not starting an initiative at the office? Even if you are not convinced by going 100% plant-based, you can begin with baby steps by introducing more greens in your eating habits and cutting down on the meat. You should feel healthier and your digestive system will thank you for it!

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