And Autumn, like an unannounced visit, swept through the family house… No reason to be fussed, the so-called maelancholic season (in Europe) has its own collection of flavours, colours and tasty dishes. In the fruit column, we have as guest stars figs, apples and grapes (I mean, wine). On the opposite corner, veggies, with its super-sized formats like the pumpkin, the cucumber or its myriad of mushrooms.

Fruit and vegetable calendar Autumn

Take notes or print this version for your fridge (Credit: Plan A)

After the blazing heat of Summer, nature, like humans, enjoys a little bit of grey weather. The humidity of the forest supports all other life forms, from the microscopic organisms feeding off dead leaves to the entire Fungi branch of the tree of life, and the occasional owl nested in one of the tree’s cavities.

Autumn is a beautiful season, a brilliant explosion of the ending year. Nature has finished its blossoming work and now it is time for the ecosystems to replenish and regenerate in the calm cold of Winter. You, in the meantime, can spend more time with friends and family around a warm hearth or oven. Good luck, and good eating!

Special thanks to Megan Barclay and Alex Hayes for their work on illustrations.