You have more in common than you think with bees. For a start, you like flowers, sugary stuff, and dancing with your friends. That’s a pretty big start. So no, human babies are not born in wax made tiny alveoles, but at Plan A, we always focus on the similarities, rather than the differences. Bees are cool. Maybe even cooler than us. Here are five reasons why.

Bees are veggies

Bees pollinating poppy

“If I eat, then you eat.” (Credit: Louise Docker)

They’re not after you, nor what’s in your plate. That is why, if you don’t move, bees will have no further interest in your dull-coloured sugarless skin. Bees are not in it for you. What they are frantically looking for buzzing all around is nectar and pollen from the sexual organ of certain flowers to take back as food and construction material for the hive. In doing so, bees also transport pollen from one flower to another, thus allowing reproduction. Namely, apples, nectarines, peaches, kiwis, onions, coffee, and a bunch of berries to top it off. Like one or more of these? Become a bee activist and help PlanA.Earth in the fight to restore a natural balance. Have no fear, and let that beautiful bug does what it does best, pollinate flowers and create the best spread of them all: honey. #Beegan

Bees just love to dance

They have introduced this communication system as ways of warning each other of immediate dangers, but also of informing their colony of nearby sources of nectar. A single bee can travel up to 3 km in a day to harvest an average of 20,000 flowers daily. Work hard, dance hard. And do the waggle dance. #PartyBee

Bees make honey from flower juice

The bear and bee hives

We’re not the only ones after the hun’ (Credit: J. Kirk after F.Barlow)

Enough said. Or not. Are you aware of the potential of honey and royal jelly? If all larvae are fed this nutritional food produced by nurse bees, queen larvae will be grown in a pool of it, thus triggering their morphing into the First Ladies they are destined to become. With such prodigious properties, humans quickly tried to make the most of the God-given substance. No clear sign of it allowing you to have thousands of babies, but definitely a tasty spread to be had in the morning. #BreakfastofChampions

Bees spend a lot of time sleeping

Music soothes the soul

This is not about bees but it’s amazing too (Credit: Billy Taylor Trio)

Professor Randolf Menzel, from the Frei Universität in Berlin, explains: “Bees are not particularly hard working. Instead, they sleep a lot and are actually quite lazy. They spend up to 80% of the night sleeping rather than working in the hive – and during the day they often sit around in the hive resting their wings and doing not much else.” For their defence, a beehive goes approximately around the world to produce 500g of honey. Cannot say that it’s nothing. #BeezzZZzz

Bees have got pretty large families

There are more than 20,000 known species of bees, and that’s not counting the crossings between all these families. All cousins, I tell you. There are between 1 and 6 trillion domesticated bees in the world’s hives. And an unknown number of feral hives out there. It’s estimated that half of all bees have disappeared worldwide and have not been replaced by another pollinator in nature. Next time you’re thinking of murdering one that’s too close to your plate, think about it… #BeeCool


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