Have you ever thought about how much water surrounds you?

In the jeans you put on hazily this morning? 38,000 Litres. In the computer used for reading this article? 27,000 Litres. In a sheet of paper to replace to print it? 10,000 Litres. In a latte to go? 200 Litres. In a bottle of 50cL water? 7 Litres. So, you take short showers do you?

To give you perspective, you can open your faucet fully, and that amounts to 8 Litres per minute. There are no mistakes in the numbers. A single standard sheet of paper would require you to leave that tap gushing for 20 hours.

Do you know how painful it is to try and count 60 seconds in front of all that wasted water?

Join us to rediscover, enjoy and celebrate water as it should be on March 19-23 for the first Berlin Water Festival.

The Water Festival

In partnership with Patagonia, Quartiermeister, and many more of our planet-friendly pals, this week long celebration will change the way you look at water.

The festival will be opening on Monday 19th with a sustainable art show and a conversation with the European artist organisation The Universal Sea on what art can do for the planet.

On Wednesday 21st, we will be screening DamNation, a brand new Patagonia-produced documentary on the overdevelopment of dams and hydropower projects, introducing our new campaign Let the Rivers Run Free in defence of the Balkan river system against such projects.

Then on Thursday 22, Alexis from Edible Alchemy will (re-)introduce our delicate pallets to the world of probiotic diet with a food and drink tasting that promises to rekindle our passion for gherkins and other fermented goods.

And finally, Friday, betahaus will host what promises to be an intense debate on the future of water and the beverage industry. The panel will be composed of Quartiermeister, Viva con Aqua, OSTMOST and LEMONaid and moderated by Plan A’s very own Lubomila.

Following this conversation on the future of you put your mouth, we’ll put some tracks on, open the bar, and throw Plan A’s first Green Party (no political affiliation though).

A mixed art exhibition “The Power of Water” will run throughout the exhibition in the betahaus café. Come discover writings, drawings and other pieces depicting the humbling strength of aquae.

Early bird tickets are already sold out, better rush to book for you and your best water loving friend. Browse the program, be amazed at, and book event or festival tickets on


Should you not be able to attend, no stress! Share the event with your Berliner team, and get a report of all the events on the academy, as if you had been there, but with better pictures!

See y’all there!

The Plan A team