This is a call for projects for projects addressing GHG emissions from the transportation sector in Norway. If you know someone working on this issue, be sure to send them this article! The theme and the place of our calls for projects are determined by our Plan A algorithm. To learn more about the data-drive of Plan A, read our head of data’s expose here.

Norway’s emissions have been relatively stable (50-55 MtCO2e) over the past 30 years. Emissions from sectors like transportation, oil and gas production that are increasing are often overlooked. In 2015, over 44% of Norway’s energy demand (manufacturing, construction, transportation, electricity) is met by hydropower but 42% still comes from fossil fuels like oil and coal.

call for projects: addressing emissions in Norway

Deadline for submission: November 30th 2019

GHG emissions from diesel-based heavy machinery used in agricultural production and the construction sector are the key drivers of emissions from the transportation sector in Norway, followed by emissions from cars. What’s more, GHG emissions from activities like heavy-machinery drilling and pumping involved in the extraction and production of crude oil and natural gas are driving the energy sector emissions in Norway. For Norway to become carbon neutral by 2030, as per its self-set target, addressing emissions in the transportation sector will play a significant role.

40%: Norway’s emissions from transportations

Norway’s emissions from transportations have increased by 40% between 1990 and 2014 reaching 14MtCO2e.

9 years: time to stop irreversible damage

We have got only 9 years in hand to start reducing the amount of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere if we are to stay below 1.5°C threshold. #ParisAgreement

1.7: Number of Earths needed to support our demand

It now takes the Earth one year and eight months to regenerate the resources (like marine life) we use in a year. We need to act fast! Submit a project that presents a solution to improve fish stock or marine life in Denmark.

call for project Norway energy consumption

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Credits: Information produced here is extracted from the data and studies developed by CICERO, Nordic Council, GFN and MCC.