The theme and the place of our calls for projects is determined by our Plan A algorithm. To learn more about the data-drive of Plan A, read our head of data’s exposé here.

You’re here reading the Plan A Academy because you care about the planet. You know that climate change is a global problem with uncountable dimensions, and it needs to be combatted on all of them. Where to begin?

We’ve divided climate action into six core fronts: Forests, Wildlife, Oceans, Waste Management, Sustainable Energy, and Sustainable Living. From public park cleanups to wetland restoration projects, from small NGOs to emergency disaster relief, there is no project too small and no focus too narrow. Climate change is multifaceted and complex, and any plan to fight it has to be equally so.

We have been developing a new Plan A and we are opening up application submissions for all projects working against climate change and for sustainability.

Plan A is looking for new climate action projects!

Right now, less than 5% of crowdfunding projects are climate action initiatives. The places that need the most urgent action are also the ones who do not get sufficient media exposure, funds and awareness. 

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We want to change the way we think about climate action. Plan A is the first data-driven action platform in the fight against climate change. Our algorithm uses data from multiple indicators—ranging from tree cover loss to biome protection and CO2 emissions—to identify high-risk countries and regions and funnel funding resources to the places that need them the most.

For donors, Plan A’s algorithmic prioritisation offers a simple way to find meaningful projects worth contributing to. For project holders, we offer a way to publicise and promote your impactful project to donors around the world, increasing your capabilities and raising your profile.

Are you working on a climate action project? Do you know someone who is? If the project you’re working on fights climate change on any front — Wildlife, Oceans, Waste Management, Sustainable Energy, and Sustainable Living — use this application form to add your project to Plan A!

The fight against climate change is a global one. Every human can be one of the good guys.

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