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In the last 15 years, over 39% of tree-cover loss has occurred in the top ten regions of Sweden. This is a much higher rate compared to the 11 other regions that make Sweden. Despite certifications in forest management practices, the combined effects of wildfires, pest outbreaks and industrial forestry are alarming and need to be addressed urgently.

This is a call for environmental projects bringing solutions to effectively support and protect Swedish forests. Submit your project to be listed on the platform and connect to sponsors and supporters. We are eager to collaborate to work on the most pressing issues of climate change. Learn more and submit your project here.

Sweden climate call to action

Deadline for submission: 31st August 2019

In July 2018 alone, wildfires cost Sweden €40 million in damages. In total, natural disasters over three decades have cost Sweden €2.8 billion – predominantly from storms and floods. Finally, The forestry industry is the biggest driver of tree-cover loss in Europe leading to an estimated 99% of the total loss. As a circumpolar country, Sweden is strongly influenced by the Arctic region’s rapid climate change. This, in turn, affects the regional and national weather, reinforcing destructive trends for the boreal forests.

It has been communicated that we have 9 years to revert the carbon emission curb before it becomes irreversible. As of 2019, humanity uses the equivalent of 1.7 Earths to meet its needs. The number, calculated by the Global Footprint Network can be expressed in a date. On July 29th, Earth Overshoot 2019, humanity will start living on credit from the planet’s natural resources. Sweden, with a score of 61/100 for the Sustainable Development Goals 15 (life on land and protection of forested biomes) has work to do to maintain and protect its wonderful ecosystems. We need to act fast! 

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Credits for  data and studies: EM-DAT, GFW, GFN and MCC.