We knew some people were interested in water, but oh boy! Everybody had something to say about it at the opening night of the Water Festival – Can Art be a Catalyst of Change? Artists proposed pieces as varied as the shapes of water. All pictures from the artworks were taken and graciously granted by The Universal Sea and the artists themselves.

Artists are a catalyst. What do you do?

The panel (Corinna Rosteck, Daria Wartalska, and Mona Lüders were on stage) discussed the why and the how they chose water as a leading theme of their art. One thing we learned was that it’s not easy being an artist, even less when dealing with the issues of water pollution. 

These guys dive, splash, filter and get their hands dirty to pursue their imagination’s work and to make art count in the balance sheet of sustainability. These people pull their weight in this fight. What do you do?

After the final mic drop from moderator Eleanora Bidiville, Stefan Röslmair took everybody out for a trip with an aquatic meditative set that we will make available on the Plan A Spotify account. at the end of the festival. In the meantime, you can listen to our Water playlist who has been accompanying us throughout the preparations of this event. 

Finally, Timo Kahlen, “sound sculptor” as he defines himself, showed and discussed his video depicting the artist’s struggle with trash of all shapes and sizes. A sensory experience that lasted well beyond the official event time. 

“Water is the essence of purity”

Felt good to talk about water whilst drinking wine. Still feels good. It is Plan A’s belief that art, awareness and anything that can move the conversation on pollution to more concrete terms, both emotionally and factually, is a good thing. The more the public will engage with the sustainable transition in all aspects of their lives, the more likely this cultural change can come about.

So the festival is started, the people are happy, and Europeans rivers are getting saved a little bit more with each donation. By the way, our website PlanA.Earth is expecting your visit to nudge our campaign to save the last pristine rivers of Europe in the Balkan region. 

Help this campaign

The Opening Night was also the occasion to discover some of our partners. From technology providers Nok to our munchie breaker RooBar, the vegan water containers from Soul Bottles, and the mad bathers of Flussbad Berlin we are lucky to count on partners that want to do things like us, that is to say differently. This festival exists to bring people who want to have a real impact together. All hands need to be on deck if we are to solve even one of the problems that the planet face. 

The Water Festival train’s next call is tonight, Wednesday 21st (The first day of the year that has more day than night ☀️) for the screening of DamNation. Can dams be trusted to ensure a sustainable future? And the real question: can you really think of a life where you would not show up to this event?