Download our newest White paper for businesses addressing sustainability in 2021: “Carbon offsetting, the best practices”. Carbon offsetting represents the market-based solution of reducing emissions by facilitating the retailing of carbon credits that fund environmental projects designed to mitigate greenhouse gases. But how? What are the best practices when it comes to offsetting?

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What you can expect from our carbon offsetting report: 

  • Carbon offsetting and the carbon market explained
  • How to avoid greenwashing when offsetting?
  • Description of carbon offsetting projects and how to achieve it?
  • The best practices for your company to reference it in your planning

Willing to reach your sustainability objectives? 

All companies must take action to reduce their environmental footprint. Easier said than done. Without the tools, expertise, and know-how, becoming sustainable can be a complex challenge. That’s what Plan A has set out to do: provide businesses with the assets they need to drive sustainability at every level of their company, and reap the benefits they deserve from taking an active part in climate action.

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