Saturday was a beautiful day to save the world (today too, mind you). With an army of 50 beautiful and determined people, we went on a quest to fight trash. The results were once more astonishing. two and a half hours of cleaning led to 30 bags of trash picked up, a mountain of cigarette butts and another one of bottle caps. Plus enough change money for coffee breaks, a bike lock, a typewriter and a chair. Let’s just say that Böcklerpark’s clean-up was not a walk in it.

Clean-up squad from Berlin

Clean-up squad (Credit: Plan A)

What we learned from this clean-up

First, there is never enough hands. If you are part of the green camp that says that individual action is not the answer, try negotiating with local authorities. They will tell you the contrary. Since no one was going to move, then we did with our PlanAtero crew. Yes it was useful, and yes it was cool. From the kids that spontaneously participated to the 20-strong team for  from Accentures who came to dirty their hands, we could not wish for a better proof that we are on the way to meaningful change.

Second, smokers need to take responsibility for cigarette butts. The canal banks were so overciggied that a participant declared “It looks like it’s been raining cigarettes”. And it probably did this summer on Böcklerpark.

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Third, and most importantly, there is a community of awesome people in this world. People came, helped had fun, and some of them didn’t even want a beer. These people are the ones that will save the planet for everybody else. Tireless action is what is required. Not complaining or fingerpointing.

Cigarette mountain

Mount Cigarette, about halfway through the clean-up (Credit: Plan A)

What’s up next after the clean-up?

Stay tuned! Plan A is preparing its first big update. We are introducing new features and functionalities for Plan A, organisations or people like you or me will be able to apply to be listed as a fundraising campaign. Climate change is the work of all stakeholders, and we want to give an opportunity to everyone who cares to get the funding they need for their projects big or small.

Nature trooper

Soldier in the Army of Nature (Credit: Plan A)

Active participation and understanding of climate questions will get us out of this hot mess. Are your one of the good guys? Do you want to be part of it? Hit us up on our social media or via email at [email protected] to discuss how you can help the cause of climate action and be part of the sustainable transition. We need you, the planet needs you, and you need you.

Next week is the world cleanup day, a great day to go to the park and do some good with a group or during your jogging! Big up to Taggesspiegel, Brlo Beers, Leogant and All About Berlin for providing drinks, support and some softness to this world. See you soon, keep smiling. We’re doing this.

Planetary heroes meeting

Oh, you’re a planet hero too? Marvellous! (Credit: Plan A)