“Everybody needs a place to call home. Varying in shapes and sizes, bearing the purpose to keep all living beings on Earth safe and warm. Sustainable living isn’t just within the home, it is creating inclusive living conditions for all. It’s about our choices, individually and collectively. About how we travel, what we eat & how much power we use.

However, have we now become too comfortable in our daily routines? Too cosy in our rooms, too dependent on our earth’s finite resources? At this rate, our earth is becoming a steamy bubbling soup, and no one wants that. Domestic consumption causes 50% of GHG emissions. Around the world, livelihoods are also threatened by extreme weather events and the mismanagement of natural resources.

Here at Plan A, we are helping patch our planet back together. With donations from you, we are channelling funds directly to organisations working on the frontlines of climate change. We are supporting organisations working for better quality of life everywhere. Living conditions, using sustainable solar and biogas energy, disaster risk reduction and management are all vital and beneficial. Community empowerment, and inspiring collective and personal responsibility amongst communities enhance the opportunity of change.

Go now to our Globe of climate action. All these heroes of the planet need your support. Pick your fight, win it.”