Introducing: the Plan A ESG Manager

Broadening the scope of impact.

Across the EU and the UK, key ESG reporting regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSDR) - now cover more than 75% of European companies' turnover. Regulations - and their associated reporting frameworks - are evolving faster than ever, heralding non-financial data as key business intelligence. Now, companies must catch up with their data and regulatory frameworks. No wonder 90% of fortune 500 companies have ESG reporting in place, yet only 1/10 accurately and transparently report on their progress.

We are proud to unveil our new ESG Manager - an integrated product to automate, streamline and simplify all Environmental, Social and Governance reporting processes. The ESG Manager allows businesses to gather ESG data from their teams, business units or portfolio and seamlessly produce compliant and accurate reports.

Discover the ESG Manager

New regulations make ESG reporting mandatory for the majority of EU companies within next 16 months Credit: Plan A
New regulations make ESG reporting mandatory for the majority of EU companies within next 16 months  
Credit: Plan A

How does the ESG Manager work?

Elaborating on our experience helping businesses create transparency and actionable insights on their carbon footprint, we have applied our data processing and analytics know-how to further dimensions of impact management. Our goal is to provide businesses with a 360-degree view of their impact, enabling sustainable decision-making through data. The product takes you through this three-step process.

Plan A’s ESG management and reporting software enable companies to go beyond environmental data to manage all ESG criteria.
Credit: Plan A
  1. Calculate your portfolio's environmental performance. 
  2. Collect data for Social and Governance factors - for your own company and portfolio companies.
  3. Generate reports for your ESG in line with existing standards and frameworks or custom-made to all your needs.

In focus: key features of the ESG Manager 

With this new digital tool, sustainability managers can create surveys, collect and visualise ESG indicators and generate reports. Whether you are creating a baseline for a first report or setting objectives and creating transparency on all facets of impact, the ESG Manager will minimise your time spent on tedious data collection and formatting, maximising your company’s time to positive impact.

Our ESG manager is rooted in science to ensure the most effective data collection and reporting. Our software complies with international reporting standards such as PCAF, GRI, TCFD or SASB.

Sustainability officers should be able to rely on tools that support them throughout their endeavour to transform companies and create value for their stakeholders. The ESG Manager unlocks all steps of this journey, from survey creation to report generation.

Create your survey

ESG reporting and management for companies Credit: Plan A
ESG reporting and management for companies Credit: Plan A

The ESG Manager provides a survey section to collect all ESG data seamlessly for your company and portfolio. It enables you to create your own surveys (fully customisable) and send them directly to the concerned stakeholders. Based on the survey section, you can create ESG reports that fit chosen frameworks.

Aggregated ESG view

ESG Reporting and management dashboard for companies
All of your ESG data is in one dashboard.
Credit: Plan A

The software provides an aggregated report section to centralise report management for your own company and portfolio. Report templates based on major frameworks are readily available, as well as fully customisable.

You can also request reports from your portfolio companies to assess their ESG impact (for VCs, suppliers, other divisions), facilitating information sharing through the platform.

Automated reporting

Automated ESG reporting Credit: Plan A
Automated ESG reporting Credit: Plan A

The ESG manager analyses your ESG score, enabling you to select the reporting period and scope and export any part of the data you wish to. The Plan A ESG manager is the best way to take control of your ESG reporting - high trackability, accessibility, efficiency and ownership.

What benefits does your company get from tracking ESG?

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We know at Plan A that reporting on ESG is easier said than done. Numerous challenges lie on the path of companies trying to get accurate ESG scores. The Plan A ESG Manager has been designed to solve these issues. Our mission as a company is to support all companies to create a net-positive economy. By broadening the definition - and measurement - of impact for companies, we support the decision-making and operationalise this data for all teams within a company. In the process, the most ambitious companies might even gain even more grounds in their respective markets.

Challenges and benefits of ESG reporting
Challenges and benefits of ESG reporting
Credit: Plan A

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