In Berlin, when the sun is finally out, after long months of wintery willowy weather, people get out and do stuff. The parks, gardens and open spaces of the city (42% of its total surface!) host heaps of events to help you become greener, better at life, or simply better looking. Wherever you are, whatever you do, there is always a greener option.
This way that we are building together is in no way limiting our potential and reducing our freedom. On the contrary, the sustainable transition helps us to invent or reinvent new ways of doing things, leading us away from conformity and mass production.
From green fashion sustainable design, originality is now! Be sexy, be green.
Interested in our events? Want to organise one with us? Have a great suggestion? Partner up? Be one of the good guys and email us today at [email protected] We are many. No time to waste. No Plan B for our planet.