Let’s just start by saying 2019 was a lit-crazy-unbelievable year! Our team has more than doubled this year, we’ve won several recognitions and have been helping companies find their sustainable way. More than 20 events organised, 75 projects listed on our platform and an ever-growing determined community to push climate action throughout society.


Let’s hope the winning streak doesn’t end with the year! Just last week, Plan A won the Sustainability Award of DT50 during TechCrunch Disrupt last week! This award comes after a series of good news and prizes, we are so glad that we reached this point in only 2 years and a half. It has been a journey driven by research, data and fruitful conversations to understand best how to make a difference in the fight against climate change. Thank you to The Pirate Summit, Tech BBQ, Meaningful Business 100 and Women Startup Competition for trusting and supporting us in this journey.

These recognitions have allowed us to create the first Carbon Reduction Software for companies to help companies measure, monitor, reduce and offset their emissions. Do you want to take to the next level and make 2020 a milestone for your employees? Signup now to get early access to our tools for company sustainability.

We have the ambition to gather all these stakeholders in order to accelerate climate action. We all have a role to play in creating a better future. Have you heard about the butterfly effect? Each time you take action for fight climate change there is a positive impact bigger than you expected. We declare 2020 the year of sustainability and invite all of you to join this journey!

Happy holidays from the team!