Christmas is just around the corner! Unfortunately, this year many of us won’t be able to celebrate the office Christmas party how we’d like to. To wrap up 2020, the Plan A team is helping you plan the imaginary party of your dreams.

Before we start, here are a few statistics on the carbon footprint caused by end of the year parties. Partying is fun, but let’s remember not to give Mother Nature a hangover.

  • An extra 30% of rubbish is produced and discarded throughout the festive period when compared with the rest of the year. 
  • It is estimated that 10 million turkeys were consumed last Christmas. This also means over 3,000 tonnes of turkey packaging was used.
  • Taking this into account, 125,000 tonnes of plastic wrapping used for food will also be discarded over the festive period.
  • The UK alone will eat 25 million Christmas puddings, the majority of which will be packaged in some form of plastic and cardboard packaging.
  • Over 21 million people receive at least one unwanted gift each Christmas. 
  • 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away each year. Instead of being recycled, 1 billion Christmas cards are also put in the bin.
  • 300,000 tonnes of card packaging is said to be used during the festive season, which is enough to cover London’s Big Ben almost 260,000 times.

It is time for the office Christmas Party Quiz!

Find out how sustainable your Christmas Party would have been.

May the Merry Force be with you!

Plan A wishes you a merry sustainable Christmas. Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint even further here.