November is already here, and we are thinking of assembling our bucket list. We know that 2020 has been in many ways a challenging year for startups and small companies. Others saw new opportunities arise. Now 2021 is around the corner, and we want to help every ambitious business that puts sustainability on top of their priorities, regardless.

Plan A is releasing a special offer for its Carbon Manager™ software to assist SMEs in their sustainable transition. Wait no further, create your sustainable company by applying to our exclusive offer, and only start paying next year.

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How to ensure a sustainable future for businesses?

Invest in the sustainable future - Make 2021 count
Make 2021 count movement. A year dedicated to sustainability.
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We are on the verge of a historical moment. The majority of the world is under some form of lockdown. When things go sour, we cannot help but reflect on our lives, the way we conduct our business and how urgently things need to change. 

Assume this: We have lost 20 million hectares of forests each year since 2011, around one million animals and plants are threatened by extinction, 150 metric tons of plastic currently circulates in our marine environments, and carbon emissions released by human activities are at their most critical point.

Building a sustainable company gives you a sustainable advantage while becoming future-proof. You are transforming adversity in opportunities.

Nathan Bonnisseau, CMO Plan A

Considering this environmental emergency, we believe that businesses, corporates and VCs have the power to pave the way to a sustainable future. Sustainability is a necessity, a business reality and not solely a competitive advantage. To grow and ensure a sustainable future, companies must comply with the Paris Agreement targets and mandatory European regulations on carbon reporting, to reaching carbon-neutrality. Businesses failing in doing so will decrease their chances of survival.

How to build a sustainable company with the Plan A Carbon Manager™?

Start with a clean slate this year. To support startups and small to medium businesses in becoming sustainable, Plan A is launching an exclusive offer. As a fellow startup, we decided to help you, as you deserve an edge against big industry players. 

How to build a sustainable business with Plan A carbon manager
A sneak peeks of Plan A’s carbon manager dashboard.
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Why? Our software combines high-end technology, science, and fair pricing. Plan A is your quickest way to get a head start on sustainability, regrouping all your data and green activities under one roof. Enterprise customers have been using our tool. Now ambitious startups also have a way to move the needle. Act early in the name of sustainability, Get ahead of your competitors and benefit from expertise in the sustainability field.

How to build a sustainable future?
Sustainability made easier with Plan A’s community
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Most companies do not know where to start when it comes to sustainability. Plan A is your leading ticket to building a sustainable company. You have access to science (following the GHG Protocol), simplicity (all in one), support (resources and community), and a tailored offer to your industry. Then, manage your company’s carbon emissions from one connected account, one dashboard, for over a year, to a fair price.

Join before the 11th of December to become one of the leaders of 2021’s big sustainability year!

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