Everything is accelerating, fast food, fast fashion, fast life, fast track… The world is spinning too fast. It’s time to slow down! Even cheetahs can’t keep up. Black Friday 2019 made even more revenue than in 2018… Our CO2 emissions worldwide are growing, there is more and more plastic in the oceans, wildlife is disappearing a bit more every day….  Slow down and make a call to action, slow climate change down and speed up climate action! Are you in? 

Tell the world! 

Tell the world how you feel about that by sharing a selfie with those crazy spinning planet glasses! What would you slow down if you could? How would it help the planet AND make your life so much better? Tell us in a story and tag @planaearth. With enough slowers to go around, we can get these respective industries to slow down in order to have more and better.

Step 1: Go to @planaearth on Instagram 

Step 2: Use our filter by clicking on the little smiley under the highlights 

Step 3: Make a story and state what you want to slow down, tag us @planaearth and use the hashtag #slowdown 

And voilà! Repeat it with your friends and family!

Slowing down our lifestyles/way of life is a necessity before we reach utter calamity. Our planet clearly doesn’t agree with the resource-intensive approach we have taken to build more, quicker, and bigger. But maybe we don’t need everything to take such gargantuan proportions if it will take the rugs out of under our own feet.

We have the power to trigger positive change

Maybe you don’t see it know, but change is happening, people are getting more and more aware of the climate change and its consequences, but some of them are missing the tool to fight it. What can you do? Here are a few tips to have a big and quick impact: 

Speak up! Spread the word, show the changes you’ve made in your direct environment to inspire other people to do it also. 

Dream! Allow yourself to dream about a greener future, it’s possible, we just need to slow down and come together to act! 

So are you ready? Try our glasses, take a picture, share what you want to slow down and challenge your friends, family and colleague to do the same! We need to act, it’s not too late, let’s do it with fun, fun is always better!