Today marks an important day for Plan A – we passed a massive milestone by successfully closing $10 million investment from HV capital and Keen Venture Partners for our series A funding round.

Only six months after raising a seed round by Softbank, Demeter IM and coparion, Plan A reinforces its position on the market. We want to thank our customers, experts team and investors for their trust and support in reaching this incredible milestone. How will Plan A use this capital investment? To advance our leadership position in the corporate sustainability and ESG software market. The goal has not changed: grow our positive impact on the planet by helping businesses transform – we are aiming to become the next Gigacorn by overtaking 1 Gt of carbon emissions under management in the next two years.

Find the official press release and press package here in English, French and German.

The founders of Plan A: Lubomila Jordanova (CEO & Co-founder) and Nathan Bonnisseau (CMO & Co-founder)
The founders of Plan A: Lubomila Jordanova (CEO & Co-founder) and Nathan Bonnisseau (CMO & Co-founder)

I am thrilled to bring HV Capital and Keen Venture Partners onboard the Plan A journey. We are firm that our advanced and automated software can support any business to achieve tangible results.


Welcoming HV Capital and Keen Ventures

Two new investors are joining Plan A in this adventure. The round was led by European venture capital firm HV Capital, jointly with Netherlands-based Keen Venture Partners. Existing investors Demeter IM and coparion doubled down on their seed investment. The firms support our vision to build a global carbon accounting and ESG management platform to speed up companies’ transition to net-zero emissions.

Plan A’s advanced data processing approach uniquely positions them to succeed and is a win-win for corporates and the planet alike.


An innovative carbon accounting and ESG management software loved by corporates and high-scaling companies 

Monitor your corporate carbon footprint with our carbon management platform
Monitor your corporate carbon footprint with our carbon management platform. Unleash the power of carbon accounting now. Credit: Plan A

To help companies meet the ever-increasing societal and regulatory pressures, Plan A’s team is further deepening its SaaS platform’s calculation engine, machine learning capabilities and expanding the decarbonisation tooling and Scope 3 calculations for various industries. In addition to the existing software functionalities for detailed corporate carbon footprint accounting and AI-driven decarbonisation planning, we are launching an ESG tool for measuring, analysing, and reporting to address all existing and upcoming regulations.

You will love to read our whitepaper on the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

After a thorough review, we believe Plan A is best-positioned to export its offerings globally and enable decarbonisation at a scientifically impactful scale.

Alexander Joël-Carbonell, Partner at HV capital

International clients such as BMW, Société Générale, JOKR, Urban Sports Club, Apax, and the European Union already successfully use and rely on our software for complex carbon accounting and ESG measurement and improvement. They also count on our solid scientific roots and Plan A’s carbon accounting team consisting of international scientists, researchers, and experts in emissions accounting, carbon reduction, sustainability and lifecycle analysis.

ESG reporting and management for companies
ESG reporting and management for companies Credit: Plan A

Internationalisation at high speed 

Opening new offices in Paris and Munich in 2021, we are already well underway in our international expansion strategy to become a fully global company in the next three years. Moreover, our local teams continue to grow exponentially –> our team already grew by 500% in a year.

As we expand internationally, we are planning on opening offices in London and other international hubs. Have a look at our job offers and spread the word: we will be soon in your favourite city, so take the opportunity to become a PlanAteer.

Start monitoring your corporate carbon footprint and ESG performance. To discover in exclusivity our carbon accounting and ESG management platform, book a demo now.