On April 21st 2017, Plan A was officially born. A lot has happened since that day. We have had the privilege to make amazing encounters, attend fantastic events, even receive awards (a total of 7!) from some of the more serious people in the field of business and sustainability.

From a team of 2, we are now 12, and that’s excluding the countless people who have helped build this company. Our community of supporters, our partners and our clients, who have trusted us in the past and continue to trust us, are our pride and joy.

Plan A Anniversary
No plants were harmed in the shooting of this picture. (Credit: Plan A)

We have given ourselves the mission of transforming how companies do business for the best interests of the planet, our home. A radical shift is at play right under our eyes, and it will determine a lot of the political and economic outcomes of our future.

3 years onward, it’s already 2020. Like a young tree, Plan A is expanding in all directions, digging deeper roots into the soil and growing its branches and leaves towards the sun. The trunk is already sturdy and home to many rare species already!

This is only the beginning. We toast to our good health and to our planet’s. Stay safe, but stay active, because there is no plan B for our planet.

The Plan A team

Keep your cup! There’ll be a time to celebrate outside again! (Credit: Plan A)