Only a couple of months since Plan A started its Bcorp journey, we could not be prouder for our first year as a B Corp. After receiving the overall impact B score of 114.5 points, Plan A is now recognised as one of the world’s top 5% of B Corp-certified companies.

Plan A wins the "Best for the World" B Corp Award
Our wonderful team of PlanAteers
Credit: Plan A

“Best for the World” recognition is given to B Corp-certified companies ranking in the top 5% globally in their respective size group in five impact areas – community, customers, environment, governance and employees.

We are thrilled to have won “Best for the World” in the governance category, meaning walking the walk every day through exemplary governance practices. This recognition is given by B Lab, the global nonprofit organisation that issues the B Corp seal to certified companies, known as “B Corps.” B Corps meets high social and environmental impact standards and is committed to measuring them regularly and continuously improving them.

This year, out of 4000 certified companies, the Best for the World award is granted to 11 companies in Germany. We could not be happier to share this title with sustainable companies like Ecosia, Share and Tomorrow.

Plan A is B Corp certified

Based on the B Impact assessment, PlanA.Earth earned an overall score of 114.5.

“Each edition of the Best for the World is an opportunity to raise the bar on how companies can operate to create lasting positive impact for their employees, customers, society and the environment”, comments Dan Osusky, Head of Standard and Insights at B Lab Global. He adds, “while no company is perfect, and even the best companies can and should continue to improve. Bcorp’s Best for the World award offers suggestions for what business leaders can look like to help address our current global challenges”.

At Plan A, we strive to improve this performance by continuing to empower other organisations to decarbonise and enhance our own commitments to carbon reduction alongside our environmental, social and governmental performance.

Once again, we are honoured to receive this recognition. Our mission is to help businesses raise the bar on ESG performances. We apply to ourselves what we do with our clients. To our clients and partners, we say thank you for your trust and commitment to creating positive transformation. To the companies still thinking of opening the door to sustainability, we extend an invitation to take the first steps towards taking leadership in your field with us.

Actions speak louder than words. Start your decarbonisation with Plan A today.