Plan A turns 5 years old!

Plan A turns 5 years old!

And it's not stopping anytime soon.

Feels like a day ago when we started off the Plan A journey. 5 years onward, the emergency and urgency of the climate situation is still dire, and even more so than in 2017.

We have built a company to help organisations of all shapes and sizes to face and fulfill their obligations towards their customers, investors, employees, and the planet at large.

When we began, we anticipated the colliding of two major trends that will govern our future: the accelerated transition to sustainability by companies, and the continuous rise of data as the best proof and method to transform efficiently these organisations.

Today, Plan A helps companies decarbonise in more than 100 cities in 34 countries. Across so many verticals, sizes of companies, locations and industries, we see from our vantage point the speed at which companies are making sustainability their missions, and how this businesses engaging in this transformation are growing successfully, reducing their exposure to risk and gearing up to serve the customers of today and tomorrow.

This only grows our confidence in the future. Not because our planet is already better, or because we have managed to turn the climate crisis around. Not just yet. But we see the change happening. We see the companies changing, for a multitude of reasons - customers rapidly changing their ways, decision-makers expressing genuine concern for the future, and investors seeing the business case behind sustainability.

This is signaling a deep change. Not a trend evolution or a skimmed varnish of change. An actual change of zeitgeist marking a shift from profit- to purpose-first for businesses.

The market needs to be ready to support, handle and gear the companies that are disrupting their industries with sustainability. That is our mission: transform the economy into a climate-positive force. The software we have developed squares the circle of corporate sustainability: measure your impact, make it transparent, and eliminate your carbon emissions. We are ready to help the private sector make this deep, hard, and infinitely beneficial transformation.

For our birthday, we have one wish: get your organisation to change. From whichever standpoint you stand - from the latest joiner to the most ancient employee of the company - make that transition a reality. Push for the transformation of your business. We cannot count the green champions that have managed to get their companies on the path of sustainability.

This is just the beginning. We will rest when we - humankind - will have reached carbon-negative status. For this, we need all hands on deck.

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