Amy McPherson is Head of Research and Development for Plan A. She is the gatekeeper and lady protector of our integrity. All project application go through her, and she has connections with people on all continents, starting with her far far away home Oceania. She likes to plant stuff everywhere she goes, include strange Australian idioms in her English as well as the occasional surf session.

Welcome our Planetary Hero #10, Amy McPherson, latest addition to the Plan A team, and new record holder for distance to original place of birth in the team. And best sunglasses too.

“This is something we need to save” (Credit: Plan A)

What is climate change to you? How does it affect you? How to stop it?

Climate change to me is a wicked problem that involves a diverse range of stakeholders and needs a number of different creative solutions. To me, it is mother nature saying ‘enough is enough’. We’ve polluted and extracted for so long… The impacts seen stemming from the changing climatic conditions are the repercussions of our disregard (and greed) for the nature that sustains our ability to live, laugh and love every day. 

The impacts from Climate Change affected me early on when my home city, Canberra experienced some of the worst bushfires ever seen in its history, wiping out the homes of families I knew and leaving much of the local wildlife injured and homeless. 

Amy by the Australian waves (Credit: Plan A)

We stop the negative impacts of Climate Change by realising the power we all have as individuals, by using our voices and actions to force change and accountability. Together with one collective voice screaming as loud as we can, we can force the change that we need to see in the institutions that govern us all. We are all responsible for playing a part in creating a sustainable future for the Earth and all its inhabitants.  

Where do you get your environmental fibre from? How did it all begin?

It all began pretty early for me, building houses in the trees with the kids from the neighbourhood, spending summer holidays at the beach with my family and adventuring into the forest whenever possible. Much to my parent’s frustration, I was somewhat of an avid gardener, emptying out the soil from my mums’ indoor plants onto our lovely white carpet and planting my mums’ avocado seeds in any pot around the house I could find. I just loved being outdoors in the beautiful Australian nature. As I grew older started to really understand the threat to the nature I valued and loved so much.

What is your totem animal (can be a plant too)? Why?

The monkey, probably because I like to laugh and still from time to time swing from the trees, no matter how old I get. Also, because I believe I could live on bananas for the rest of my life, the best of mother nature’s candy and gosh am I a sweet tooth.

I also believe in community and seeing the families of monkeys groom and care for one another reminds me of how much I love and value the time I spend with my friends and family, maybe not (always) grooming them but a green tea face mask here and there with my besties on a Friday night counts right? 

The journey to sustainability has begun (Credit: Plan A)