Here comes the Boss. Lubomila has stopped counting coffees (but not coffee cups) and work hours since she started building Plan A block by block. As the captain of the ship, she drives the crew through storms and sunshine. One and a half year since the first launch, Lubomila means business more than ever.

What is climate change to you? How does it affect you? How to stop it?

Climate change is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. It affects all of us daily already. In 2017 only, the world faced deadly events such as the monsoon floods in Bangladesh, the earthquake in Mexico, hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey, the mudslide in Colombia, flooding and landslides in Sierra Leone, let alone the torrential rains across Europe. Stopping it requires drastic collaborative measures by all of the world’s stakeholders, including businesses, governments and the general public. We still can do, but we need to start working together. Now.

young climate change fighter

Already on top of the dinosaur fashion

Where do you get your environmental fibre from? How did it all begin?

The incredible people and projects my work on Plan A has exposed me to serve as an inspiration, but sadly also as a daily reminder of the cataclysm we are facing. I know we don’t have time to waste and I will make sure Plan A is at the forefront of the climate change fight.

What is your totem animal (can be a plant too)? Why?

Lemurs for sure. These incredible creatures have undefeated quirkiness, intelligence and humour. Also, they go in hibernation mode, when there is no food around. Also, a lemur that looked exactly like ALF went extinct about 500 years ago. Also, they pollinate and sing in groups (not at the same time). Finally, legend has it that when Madagascar (the only place where one can find them now) separated from Africa, lemurs hitched on floating driftwood to get to Madagascar. How crazy is this creature?!

Say no to climate change, but don't forget to have fun.