Embrace the vibrant city of Beirut, with this eclectic music selection from the Arab World. This playlist for the planet is curated by Karim Berbari, our business analyst at Plan A.

When asked about the creation of this unique music playlist, he commented: “The news only covered a few days around the devastating event of the 4th of August, but we need to keep Beirut on people’s mind because nothing has been restored since then.” Let’s send peace messages with the love of music.

A deep dive into the music’s Arab World

The Spotify music playlist starts with the enchantress voice of Fairuz, a Lebanese singer, and one of the most famous performers in the history of the Arab World. Then, it is time for Ziad Rahbani to make us travel to Beirut with a jazzy note, thanks to his composition named “Rouh Kabbir” – it is important to mention that Ziad is the son of the notorious Fairuz. The playlist is then overtaken by Mashrou’ Leila, an indie-rock band composed of four members, founded in Beirut in 2008 as part of a University music project. This band deserves real close attention.

Arab World Music - Mashrou'' Leila posing for GQ Cover
Mashrou’ Leila posing for GQ’s Cover
Credit: Mashrou’ Leila x GQ

Then, discover Hamid El Shaeri, a Lebanese-Egyptian musician based in Cairo, and pioneer Arab pop music. His song “Ayonha” is the sweetest thing you will listen to today. Finish this music playlist with Hello Psychaleppo or as he likes to call himself “The Arab bass dropper”. Hailing from one of the most mystical and musically rich cities in the Levant. Hello, Psychaleppo is deeply rooted in Arabic music tradition, captivating listeners with melodic strains of Tarab threaded seamlessly together with electronic music’s convoluted sounds. Embrace Beirut and its one of a kind artists.

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