“Enjoy the disco fever with the best music tracks of all times. Travel back to the 70’s, wear your platform shoes and let’s meet at Paradise Garage. I was not born at this time period, but I wish I could travel back in time, listen to the best disco music, with the best blend of people.”

This playlist for the planet is curated by Tara Deronzier Bernoville, our content creator.

“Get lost in music” with Sisters Sledge, while driving to the “Promised Land” with Joe Smooth. On your way there, someone stops and asks you “Do you wanna funk?” – you wait no further and dance, you are a “Pusherman” after all, would say Curtis Mayfield. You are into this “disco inferno” with The Trammps when you realize this was all an “Illusion”. It is time to go to bed and make yourself a “peanut butter” sandwich with Larry Levan and Gwen Guthrie.

You can funkin’ dance disco!

A brief history of Disco Music

Disco music saved dancing. It marked the beginning and rise of social dancing, becoming an international activity, like playing cricket. Before to enter most clubs, you had to come as a couple. Otherwise, you were not allowed into the venue. For example, in New-York city until 1971, it was illegal for two men to dance together. The disco movement inspired social liberation, disrupting the norms, and allowing people to come as an individual, embracing themselves.

Larry Levan, Genius of disco music playlist
Larry Levan, the messiah of Disco Garage Music
Credit: Bill Bernstein

Disco music saw the rise of DJs, where clubs would prefer playing records, rather than booking lives bands. Disco helped to develop sound system technology, mixers, loudspeakers, lighting – all the club kit. Artists like David Mancuso and Larry Levan created this musical wave. “Larry Levan was a pure genius” commented J.Phoenix, creator of Baganda records. Larry Levan was an American DJ, well-known for his decadent lifestyle and decade long residency at Paradise garage. His success was such, that he developed a music cult who referred to his sets as « Saturday Mass ». The disco music and dance movement started from the New-York clubs like Paradise Garage, or “The Loft”.

As now, all clubs are closed and dancing restricted to prevent the spread of the pandemic, listening to this funky playlist will warm your heart and soul. Disco music is love and happiness.

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