Confucius once claimed, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” Since the beginning of times, nature has inspired the most famous work in music. From Chopin who composed “Raindrops”, to Claude Debussy and Beethoven, Mother Nature consistently influenced our bright music minds.

Take a deep musical breath

As humans are still not robots or aliens, nourishing themselves from fossil fuels, we are always connected to nature. We are all inspired by those naturalistic sounds coming from mother earth. For example, Beethoven confessed that he preferred the presence of a tree rather than a human. Composers and artists often take a stand on ecological and environmental issues.

We all know the songs of Bob Marley that tried to awaken the empathy and compassion of humanity towards nature. Climate change is a reality; now, it is time to make peace with the earth, in music. Our Incredible graphic designer Edgar Lugo Vasquez has curated uniquely for you, a playlist based on fauna and flora inspirations.

This Thursday, take a walk in the parc with Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean to discover “where this flower blooms”. Then, dry your tears due to “pollen pollen” allergies with Inoyamaland, until you see a “little blue frog” in the company of Miles Davis. You will discover a field of “Orchids” from Psychic TV, enter the massive “flower circuit” of Oli XL, and end up in a frenetic “Plantasia” dance with Mort Garson.

Embark on your sustainable journey, with our integral playlist for the planet, on Spotify.