The playlist for the planet is back! Whether you are working from home, in confinement or on a desert island, enjoy your Thursday night with our “German immersion” music playlist. Lucy Lyons, our business analyst, curated this playlist. Seatback and listen, wherever you are on the planet.

A sweet explanative note, from our business analyst: “When I first moved to Berlin as a student years ago, I took a great class called History of Electronic Music in Germany. The class introduced me to a cultural side of Germany’s contemporary evolution that I didn’t hear about in history class, as well as some handy German language lingo, through music and lyrics. These are twenty of my favourite songs from that time”.

The German Immersion Experience

Germany has contributed for decades, to the electronic music landscape. In the late 1960s, a minimalistic style of electronic arrived on the scene: Krautrock. Inspired by psychedelics, synthesizers, and keyboards Krautrock bands encountered international success: from Kraftwerk to Tangerine Dream.

Kraftwerk performing - German electronic music
Kraftwerk performing in their young years
Credit: Ueli Frey

Then, as the 1980s emerged, Germany’s obsession with electronic music evolved, leaving the spot for “techno music”, inspired by Detroit and Chicago. It is important to note that beyond music, techno served to help reunify East and West Germany in the 90s. Today, it is a musical bridge between various genres, alongside members of older and younger generations.

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Listen to the music and immerse yourself by jumping in the “Autobahn” with the legendary Kraftwerk. You are driving to “Schöneberg” with Marmion, and on the way, you release “99 Luftballons” in the company of the charismatic Nena. Then, you meet with the famous German rapper RIN, who tells you that you are as beautiful as “Monica Bellucci“. After conveying to finish this playlist, you call Falco and his friend “Der Kommissar“.

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