We all dreamt once of becoming a Disc Jockey (DJ): jet setting across continents, playing vinyl for thousands of groupies screaming your name while attending the best parties in Ibiza. Well, maybe it was a dream and fame might not have reached you yet, but at least you found this gem of a music playlist, and that’s all that matters.

For this special music playlist edition, our amazing Co-Founder and CEO at Plan A, Lubomila Jordanova has hand-picked for you, the best of electronic music. This playlist has six hours worth of unique hits that you can play without moderation for your friends and family in your living room. You will see, you will slowly start becoming a DJ.

You just need to believe in yourself

Your musical journey begins with discovering the “Street Life”, famous music from Quentin Tarantino movie’s “Jackie Brown”, being sampled and remixed by Purple Disco Machine. Then, listen to “You just need to believe in yourself” a lovely remix from Folamour, which reminds us of those long days of dancing on the beach. The playlist also features a delicious remix of Nina Simone from Masters at Work called “See-Line Woman”. And remember if there is “one true light” in your life this week, it would be music and the Crazy P Soundsystem.

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