We are proud to present a major update of our software product, the Plan A Carbon Manager. Since its launch in March 2020, this is the single largest upgrade we have successfully pushed.

We have made some serious upgrades to help you measure more accurately your carbon footprint, get better insights, and enhance your decision making. We have spent a lot of time thinking about what we could do to make your journey to sustainability easier. Clarity, depth, simplicity, the three words that guided this work.

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Carbon accounting for all businesses

With the Emissions Dashboard adds depth and context to a carbon footprint. Display your carbon footprint globally or per employee and track your progress. “Businesses want to get more than a snapshot” explains Nathan Bonnisseau, Chief Marketing Officer at Plan A, “With a particular emphasis on visual clarity, all teams can benefit from the Carbon Manager’s analytics and take action.”

To gain maximum accuracy, tracking both the organization-wide and per employee footprint to get a fully-focused picture of their impact.

Insights on all levels of your business (Credit: Plan A)

Thanks to the Plan A Carbon Manager, any organisation, large or small, can start carbon accounting and report accurately on it. Whether it is to report to regulatory frameworks or to create a better culture at work, every organization has a good reason to implement change.

Benchmark your emissions to the competition

A company can only truly understand its performance in the context of its peers and competitors. In other words, carbon benchmarks are essential. The Carbon Manager allows organisations to compare their results within and across their industries.

Compare your carbon emissions to peers and benchmarks (Credit: Plan A)

Track carbon using a science-based tool

Companies following science-based targets that comply with Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodologies will have an easy time disclosing targets, plans and communicate flawlessly.

Track your emissions following science-based, accurate methodologies (Credit: Plan A)

“Carbon accounting is a means of measuring the direct and indirect emissions to the Earth’s biosphere of carbon dioxide and its equivalent gases from industrial activities.”

If we are to meet the Paris Agreement Targets, limiting the rise of average temperatures to 1.5°C, each organisation must take their carbon emissions under control. In the process, they might just create better and more resilient businesses.

Want to get more information? Book a demo call with us and discover the Plan A Carbon Manager for your company.