Birds flying high, you know how we feel! Yes, exactly, like eating fresh fruits and vegetables after a full winter sustaining our bodies with potatoes, root veggies and very little chocolate.

Spring is one of the most fascinating naturally occurring phenomena. Consider the level of instinctive cooperation required from living creatures to bloom, pollinate, reproduce and wake up, at precisely the right time for the ecosystem to function correctly. All this orchestrated and dependent on a star a few million kilometres away from our blue marble.

Humans should heed the signal. The advent of technologies such as fire, heating, electricity or refrigeration has modified our relationship with nature. For a healthier life, less taxing on the body and the planet, we need to implement a shift in societal practices. What does this mean? We need, as individuals and societies, to get closer to the natural rhythms and cycles of the environment that surrounds us.

What you eat is the single most important variable in measuring your carbon footprint. Within this realm, two actions particularly stand out: replacing meat with plant-based foods such as fruits, veggies or nuts and sourcing your food locally. This fruit and vegetable calendar helps you do both. There are hundreds of species a stone’s throw away from your house to prepare, cook and enjoy. Little bonus, we added a starter’s guide to composting, just in case you wanted to further reduce waste from your kitchen.

Send us your best recipes with pictures in preparation for a sustainable cookbook we are preparing for all you chefs out there!