What? It’s already officially Summer? That time of year when all the animals are out playing, and humans in Berlin look for lakes to jump in? That time of year when the bees are making all the honey and the baby birds learn to fly? Yes. That time!

Following popular demand, find attached this beautiful seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar for the Summer season. These are some of the most common products you should find in stores and on market stalls. Not only will choosing these products limit your environmental footprint but they will also ensure that what is in your plate tastes best. Nothing like a fresh vegetable planted in the ground, grown at the right moment less than 50 kilometres away from your house.

Food storage has always been and still is one of the greatest challenges of humankind. As plastic packaging is coming to a grinding halt, we have a unique opportunity to bring radical and meaningful change to the way we consume food. Local circuits of distribution have to be promoted, and sustainable options prefered. Because they’re simply good for the planet, and smarter for everybody.

Contrary to common wisdom, certain conservation techniques are as old as time itself. Smoking, salting, fermenting, ashing and even refrigeration have been around since the Neolithic period (12,000 years ago, when humans adopted agriculture). And, thankfully, they’ve contributed to getting us past each winter since then. For 12,000 years! It would be a shame to let such ancient knowledge go to waste alongside rotten imported kiwis.

Summer is an ideal time for ripe fruits, but also for speedy decomposition of fresh food into weird black and purple puddles. Final recommendation: take only what you need from the market and come back next week! To your tote bags now. Ready, get set, shop sustainably!