What Are We Overshooting Exactly?

What Are We Overshooting Exactly?

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Most people have come to terms with the fact that humanity is now large enough to affect the global natural balance of life on the planet. We are 7,5 billion people and the count is rising faster than an ice cream will melt in 2030. But climate change doesn’t cover the whole spectrum of human stress on its ecosystem.

We have been quite the stressful species for our planet and all its inhabitants.

Finding the limits of an ecosystem

Scientists have been working on classifications and measurement tools designed to quantify more accurately (and without leaving anything out) the weight of human activities on the planet.

One of these teams led by scientist Johan Rockström from working at the Stockholm Resilience Center, introduced the concept of planetary boundaries: limits set by our own global consumption pattern and Earth’s finite resources within which is a “safe operating space for humanity”. These boundaries include but do not limit to climate change and carbon emissions.

Seems like much to take in? The issue is indeed larger than life. Alone, you’ll struggle to have an impact. Collectively, we can bring solutions to all of these problems within our lifetime.

What needs saving?

Step of problem solving is breaking it into manageable smaller tasks.

The planetary boundaries give us an effective framework to work with and monitor the progress of our efforts. This model shows we have a safe operating space after all. Unlike a low cost airplane flight, the planet is big enough to give humanity some legroom.

Finding best pratices

Identify the fields that will have the most dynamic impact and ripple effect. Plan A engages with 8 causes that are pivotal in the conservation and the cascade effects they can produce on the environment.

Humans won’t be able to manage the whole thing. That is why we need to focus on actions that create virtuous circles. This is the sense of Plan A: rotating themes that feed into each other to create true change.

The combined protection and management of ecosystems (forests, oceans, ecovillages), human activities (waste, energy, healthy living), and animals (bees, wildlife) can put our global footprint under control and restore a balance beneficial to all living things on the planet.

Apply solutions to planet

Apply, perfect and spread solutions.

A new world is being created under our eyes. The curating of projects is tough and the competition for funding is fierce. We make sure that money is put to its best use and that the planet gets the best deal out of them all.

Solutions are not opposed to one another but complement each other. Everyone has a part to play in the sustainable transition. Our pledge: we will fight on all fronts, to maintain our global footprint within planetary boundaries (and we’ll eat loads of humus instead of steaks).

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