How to Determine if a Country is Prepared for Climate Change?

How to Determine if a Country is Prepared for Climate Change?

Measuring the future to prepare for it.

It is very complicated to measure a country’s exposure to climate change and its relative preparation to these challenges. Climate change is a multifaceted problem and it is hard to know how much a country has prepared for liabilities that are unpredictable by nature. How do you predict the vulnerability to something that has not happened yet? How do you predict how well it is prepared for something that has not happened yet?

The Climate Vulnerability and Readiness Index provides a good answer to these questions. By relating the level of exposure to the level of preparation, this index (an index encompasses a set of measures and mixes it into one number that is more understandable and comparable) is able to indicate if a country can withstand climate change.

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Our data visualisation team has created an explainer video to better understand how Plan A assesses a country’s top priorities and how to best help them. For each country on our platform, we have visualised their climate vulnerability and readiness index. In the blink of an eye, you can click on a country and discover its relative position with regards to climate change and the work remaining.

The CVRI captures a crisp image of a country’s situation because it mixes social and political factors with natural settings. Vulnerability and readiness are deeply tied to each other. A country is more vulnerable if less prepared, and less vulnerable if well prepared. For example, the CVRI includes the level of protected nature or the frequency of floods, but also the ease of doing business or the level of inequality. This allows organisations, institutions and other stakeholders (like Plan A) to understand what the priorities of a country are and where should efforts be focused.

Plan A matches the most efficient projects in the fight against climate change with fundings from corporate partners and individuals according to the findings of our algorithm. This way, funds are channelled fairly, efficiently to the places that need it the most! Submit your project or find one to support today!

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