“Prokaryotes, the first living organisms on our planet emerged 4 billion years ago and have since evolved to become so much more. There is a rich diversity of living things – existing in all corners of Earth, from fish to flora, fauna and fungi. Every organism has a role in the delicate ecological balance which sustains our planet and all its inhabitants.

These African Elephants are clearing the foliage for wildlife to thrive. Earth, humankind and wildlife have long worked together in a mutual benefit. Animals and insects make the atmosphere breathable, pollinate the plants and mould habitats for other species.

However, biodiversity is falling, causing planetary unbalances. Earth’s total biomass has diminished by 50% in less than 100 years for a number of reasons. Poaching and the pet trade claims much of our planet’s wildlife. Species’ homes are disappearing, jeopardising wildlife because neither can survive without the other. Ocean and forest habitats are deeply disturbed by human activity and industrial practices. We are responsible for this crisis, but we can also be the solution.

We are helping patch our planet back together. With donations from you, we are channelling funds directly to organisations working on the frontlines of climate change.

Support organisations who are working to ensure the protection and preservation of wilderness and habitats as they face threats from degradation. A primary goal of many organisations is to educate people to respect the environments and the diversity of wildlife within it whilst creating sustainable livelihood alternatives for populations in close proximity to important wildlife areas.”

Support live Wildlife action projects on www.plana.earth. They can’t make it without you.