This Tuesday 1st December, the annual Digital Summit 2020 took place. The virtual conference gathered sustainable entrepreneurs, governmental bodies and other stakeholders of the sustainable transition to be part of the discussion on “digital sustainability”. During the conference, the president of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen opened her keynote by speaking about Plan A. She reminds us that “there is no Plan B for our planet”.

What is digital sustainability?

Digitization is an inherent part of our daily lives – affecting citizens, companies, science and society. Its role has been even more important in light of the pandemic. Therefore, it is evident that new technologies will play a crucial role in fighting climate change.

“If we want to lead the digital revolution globally, we need the bright ideas of young innovators”.

Ursula Von der Leyen – President of European Union commission

The Digital Summit 2020 (Digital Gipfel), is the central platform for cooperation between politics, businesses, science and society. The summit placed a focused on “digital sustainability”, as it is attracting growing attention worldwide. Now, you may wonder: “What is digital sustainability?”.

Gipfel summit 2020 - Lubomila Jordanova and Plan A
Lubomila Jordanova, Founder of Plan A, giving an outstanding pitch on carbon management.
Credit: Digital Gipfel 2020

Digital sustainability is how digitization, as a key part of the fourth industrial revolution, can deliver on the global sustainable development goals. In other words, our society and companies can achieve better sustainability through wise technology investments. And this the exact belief of the European Union commission. According to the commission, digital sustainability will enable a stable and sustainable economy; help fighting climate change and to achieve the green transition; and encourage the development of trustworthy technologies.

To recover from the global pandemic, the European Union commission has drafted its “Green deal” policies, to reach carbon-neutrality by 2050. They also proposed the “European Climate Law” to turn political engagement into a legal obligation. To achieve the goals established by the green deal, the commission wants to mobilize one trillion euros, in sustainable investments.

How will the European Green Deal Investment Plan be financed? How will the €1 trillion be mobilised?
How will the €1 trillion be mobilized?
Credit: European Union Commission

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Plan A is on Europe’s sustainability agenda

As mentioned by Ursula Von der Leyen, the digital sustainable transformation will be achieved thanks to innovative startups like Plan A. In her call for climate action, she also adds: ‘There is no plan B for the planet. Plan A, a company in Berlin, is developing software for carbon management. Using scientific models to understand where climate change will hit the hardest, companies can learn about their emissions.”

Digital Gipfel 2020  - Ursula Von Der Leyen speaking about Plan A
Ursula Von Der Leyen speaking about Plan A as an “attention catcher”.
Credit: Digital Gipfel 2020

Plan A’s mission has always been to support the transition to a sustainable economy and decarbonise business. The sustainable startup believes that fighting climate change starts with carbon emissions’ reduction. Thanks to its scrupulous application of scientific methods and technology, their software is capable of monitoring, reducing and reporting a company’s carbon footprint. It is now time for companies to be part of the digital sustainable transformation.

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