“Since fire and stone, humans have found sources of energy to use beyond their own muscles. In an average house that is being heated and lit, 30% of energy is simply evaporating. At this rate, we won’t last long. One of the main problems is the distribution and production of energy, as much escapes in the process. Fossil fuels are depleting and are unsustainable as sources of energy. Released greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide and methane are amassing in the air contributing hugely to global warming.

To save the Earth from becoming a steam cooker, sustainable energy sources can be used instead. These emit fewer greenhouse gasses. amounting to a much smaller carbon footprint and much less wastage. Solar panels, geothermal energy, wave and wind energy are only examples of renewable alternatives, provided by the everlasting mechanics of the planet.

Here at Plan A, we are helping patch our planet back together. With donations from you, we are channelling funds directly to organisations working on the frontlines of climate change. We support organisations all over the world to increase access to clean energy sources and find new ways to power the planet. Programmes we feature, empower communities through capacity development, alternative production methods and education. This provides the basis for a carbon-free economy whilst reducing poverty in some of the most isolated areas of the planet.”

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