“Animal bones were the first waste disposed of by humankind. Now, the wastage on this planet has grown on a monstrous scale. Dust, fumes and toxic gases fill the airspace. Plastic waste, metals and landfill cover the ground. Oils, plastic and contaminated waste float in the oceans.

All ecosystems are at risk from the nocive effects of this waste. The problem lies with the volume and consumption of our waste, which is then improperly disposed of.  In many homes this is the case, and, combined with greenhouse gases, waste is creating an unsanitary cocktail of conditions for life.

We can cut down on waste by reducing, recycling and reusing. Many of the products we buy can be recycled to save energy – up to 60% of rubbish in a dustbin can be recycled. This then prevents fumes releasing from landfill sites and there are clean energy sources that can be used as alternatives to processes that produce gas waste.

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We are helping patch our planet back together. With donations from you, we are channelling funds directly to organisations working on the frontlines of climate change.

All over the planet, these individuals and organisations are working on projects to educate, teach and inform communities about green energies, sustainable alternatives and the management of natural resources. Renewable energies, such as geothermal and wind, can replace fossil fuels to power machinery and transport. The organisations Plan A supports are helping to reduce the cost of these alternative sources. They are also launching research projects, supporting projects using carbon sequestration to reduce waste gases and introducing sustainable livelihood opportunities.

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