Each year on the 19th of September, we celebreate World Cleanup Day! During the first edition in 2018, 18 millions people took part in a cleanup around the world. Last year a community of 21 million of climate change fighters cleaned the dirtiest places on earth. This year how many will there be? 

Cleanup of Mauerpark with Delivery Hero. (Credit: Plan A)

Plan A has organized multiples cleanups in many parks of Berlin. Over the last three years, we collected thousands of cigarette butts, bottle caps and a tremendous amount of Berlin’s quirks you can only find here. 

One time we even found a stolen wallet and we had the chance to bring it back to its owner. 

Our cleanup with Surfrider Foundation (Credit: Plan A)

You have never joined a cleanup and still wonder why you should do so? Here are 3 reasons to join a cleanup: 

1/ If you want to act against climate change and reduce your impact on Earth, taking part in a cleanup is a good way to start, and see immediate results! 

2/ Waste that isn’t recycled contributes to polluting the soil and the oceans. Waste also cause multiple problems for wildlife, human life, and vegetation.

3/ By making public spaces cleaner you contribute to creating a virtuous circle. Pedestrians tend to less throw or leave their waste on the floor in public spaces when the place is clean. If it’s messy and full of trash, they would tend to care less about the cleanliness of the place. 

Beer bottle caps are among the most common sources of trash (Credit: Plan A)

Are you looking to join a cleanup in your city or to take part in a different way? Find all the information you need on worldcleanupday.org to create change in your kiez, for something that matters to all of us. Picking up what we’re laying down?