Dude, where are my bees?

Let the rivers run free

About 10 years ago, scientists started noticing a dramatic drop in bee population all over the world. Due to radical changes in the global environment, changing seasons and a few chemical added to the atmosphere too, bees were falling and failing to maintain colonies.

Bees are so fundamental to plants that they have affected the way they look. Without bees, flowers wouldn’t need to look so pretty. Without bees, there would be no agriculture. And without bees, we’d be left with only our eyes to cry and vegemite to spread on our bread loaves.

We cannot let this happen. Bees need a new natural habitat and they have found it with new sustainable cities. Stadtbienen and Plan A are giving the tools and knowledge to humans (best bee allies next to flowers) to care for the bees of Berlin. Since you are both a flower and a human, you can lend them a paw?

An idea of the problem


45% of commercial honeybee population has disappeared in 10 years in Europe


90% of the flora depends on bees for pollination


40% of bee species are facing extinction in Europe


82% decrease of insect biomass in Germany in 30 years

Make Berlin a land of milk and honey

Take part in our challenge

No Plan B for Berlin Bees

This campaign will support the efforts of Stadtbienen helping bees make their way back into the city.

Provide beekeeping classes, tools and help so Berlin and more generally German citizens can become bee allies in every city.

20 euros Worker Bee Soldier Bee Queen Bee
50 euros Worker Bee Soldier Bee Queen Bee
100 euros Worker Bee Soldier Bee Queen Bee
euro euros   You choose

Our partner

Stadtbienen is a German organisation helping bees make their way back into the city. They provide beekeeping classes, tools and council to help citizens help themselves. And they make a pretty mean honey!

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