Expert in Scope 3 Decarbonisation

Job location:

Berlin, Germany

Plan A is looking for a positive, environmentally-friendly Expert in Scope 3 decarbonisation to join the team, developing emissions reduction plans for emission categories, and supporting our Carbon Research and Analytics team.

Goals and Objectives

The decarbonisation expert will have the key responsibility of developing sustainability action and carbon reduction plans for the clients of Plan A. The plans provide key steps and actions for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and create a culture of sustainability within companies, following the GHG protocol of greenhouse accounting and adapting to current and upcoming environmental reporting regulations. The key objectives are to identify the solutions in addressing intense emissions activities along the value chain of the businesses, and support the Product Manager in translating the identified solutions into an actionable journey for the businesses. This is particularly relevant to Plan A’s mission to help companies reduce their carbon footprint progressively and eventually become a carbon negative company.

How to Apply

Please apply by 30th September 2020 by sending a cover letter, and a CV to [email protected] with the subject title:

‘Application for Expert in Scope 3 Decarbonisation’

We are looking forward to hearing from you. There is no plan B for the planet!

The Company

Plan A believes that companies have the power to pave the way to a more sustainable future for our world. We exist to help companies build a carbon-neutral and sustainable economy. We do this by providing a digital platform for companies to reduce their environmental impact, engage their employees, and drive their own agenda towards carbon neutrality.

We have developed the first Emissions Reduction Software which allows businesses to calculate, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint on a monthly basis. The software provides personalised sustainability action plans and sustainable development focused offsetting scheme that responds to the companies carbon footprint analysis.

The technology behind our software uses over 305,000 data points to provide the most efficient and accurate path to sustainability for companies. We continue to add both public and private data to our model so that companies have access to the most accurate and optimised plans on their journey towards sustainability

Employee Benefits

  • Access to online learning platforms (e.g. Masterclass)
  • Team outings (two weeks/year)
  • Monthly team dinner
  • Access to yoga & meditation services at the work-place.
  • Access to fitness activities (e.g. Urban Sports Club)
  • Optional home office (once/month)
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Role and Responsibilities

  • You will be responsible for the thorough analysis of emission intense activities of targeted industries and businesses

  • Conceiving of, creating, and implementing sustainability action plans

  • Provide measurable and trackable reduction strategies to different environmental stakeholders

  • Find engagement opportunities within these plans for all stakeholders of the company

  • The Scope 3 decarbonisation Expert reports to the Chief Emissions Accounting Officer

You Have...

  • A sincere dedication to environmental action!

  • 5+ Years experience as a GHG accounting consultant or similar role

  • Built sustainable action and carbon reduction plans for private and public organisations

  • Experience in applying GHG protocol methodology and developing strategies for emission reductions

  • A proven track record in addressing emission activities of businesses

  • A talent for communication, both written and verbal to make climate action popular in a company

  • A degree related to environmental or climate sciences with LCA as specialisation

  • Native English and German, third language is a plus.

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At Plan A we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity and encourages you to be you. We believe that businesses should represent the world we want to live in, and so we encourage applications from people of different ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities and physical or neurodiversity. We value the contribution you bring, regardless of where it comes from, and look forward to your application.

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