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Start Date
November 2021

The annual carbon footprint for the global event industry is the same as the yearly emissions of the entire United States. The event industry is responsible for more than 10% of global CO₂ emissions.

MEETYOO's vision is to decarbonise the event industry by creating outstanding digital events allowing organisers, participants, and exhibitors to connect realistically in a customised virtual space without travelling. As a result, MEETYOO's customers prevent several million tons of CO2 emissions each year. The technology already helps to decarbonise the event industry, and now the team is eager to reduce its operational emissions and reach its net-zero target.

“Plan A helps us measure our direct and indirect emissions, and gives us access to certified projects, allowing us to offset the emissions generated by all virtual events hosted on our MEETYOO platforms.”
Tony E. Kula
Founder and CEO, MEETYOO

Decarbonising the events industry is a true challenge. MEETYOO is rising to the challenge by starting its decarbonisation journey. The company uses the essential version of Plan A’s emissions management software to measure its operational carbon emissions. 

Based on the emissions analysis, the software delivers strategies for reduction planning with suppliers and partners. Once reduction strategies are implemented, MEETYOO can compensate for emissions that cannot be reduced and reach net-zero.


Thanks to the carbon management system provided by Plan A, MEETYOO obtained a rigorous scientific baseline emissions measurement for 2021. MEETYOO’s sustainability commitment is strengthened by the ability to utilise Plan A's compensation portfolio and engage with certified environmental organisations. Last but not least, the event company is starting to work with Plan A's sustainability leaders on reduction planning to help them reach their net-zero targets.

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