I. Plan A basics

1. What projects can qualify to be on the Plan A platform? What type of projects do you work with?

Plan A hosts crowdfunding campaigns for climate and environmental projects, implemented by registered non-governmental organisations, for-profit social enterprises, individuals and community groups.

We have three different campaign types:

  • Disaster relief projects provide humanitarian assistance in the wake of natural disasters. Disaster relief campaigns range from €200,000 - €10,000,000.
  • Small grants are campaigns focused on gathering funds for grassroots organisations who solve a climate-related problem in their geography. These campaigns range from €5,000 - €200,000.
  • The community initiatives category is focused on individuals or communities that come together to do something in their immediate environment and address local climate-related issues. These campaigns range from €1,000 - 5,000.

Plan A hosts campaigns for projects at any point of their cycle: whether the campaign is to initiate, scale, or successfully complete an existing project.

We welcome projects working within or across Plan A’s 6 climate action themes: Forests, Oceans, Wildlife, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Living and Waste Management.

2. What is Plan A’s project selection process? How can I apply?

Our selection process is informed by a transparent, data-driven approach that helps us identify the most pressing climate issues in different locations around the world and the solutions with the highest potential impact. The selection of projects is carried out by our Research and Development team in close coordination with our Data team.

We take careful stock of all aspects of the project proposals with particular attention paid to the activity and budget design. Each project we host is thoroughly vetted for feasibility, transparency and scope. Each organisation we partner with is required to submit thorough documentation of their legal and financial status and track record.

If you are interested in your project being considered, you can fill in our application form. Please be as thorough and detailed as possible for us to analyse properly whether your project fits in our galaxy. If you are in doubt, please don’t hesitate to send your questions at [email protected].

3. How can I choose which project I want to support?

We approach the larger issue of climate change through two dimensions. The first is thematic: climate change action is regrouped under 6 themes which are Oceans, Forests, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Energy, Wildlife and Waste Management.

The second is geographical: you can access each country’s climate profile with local information and national particularities. This way, you can find all the topics that are close to you and that you want to support, the simplest possible way!

Select the project(s) you believe in, explore their impact and discover the people behind it and be sure that your contributions are creating the change they are supposed to. There is no wrong answer on this platform.

4. How is Plan A different from other crowdfunding platforms?

Did you know only 5% of all crowdfunding campaigns online are about climate change? And still about half of the world population doesn’t see climate change as a personal or serious threat? We want to change this status quo by applying data and information to find and fund meaningful action for the planet.

A few key points make us different from a standard crowdfunding platform:

  • The data analysis - We use data to predict where and how climate change will hit the hardest and based on this channel funds to environmental organisations addressing these issues.
  • The project selection process - the projects that we feature on the platform are the result of a careful selection process motivated by our climate algorithm’s results, the track record and mission of the project initiator and the objectives of the campaign. We want to make sure that funds are used transparently, effectively, and where they will have the most impact.
  • Our matchmaking programme - our matchmaking programme allows businesses to be matched to projects addressing environmental issues, related to the business’s activities. Be it a chair production company interested in supporting reforestation or a consulting business standing for sustainable energy.
  • Our voice - we do not believe in coercion and drama. Positiveness, awareness of solutions and support for all our fellow conservationists are the answers. Visit our Academy to learn more on climate change, emerging solutions and the everyday heroes that are creating the sustainable world we need.

5. Are you for-profit or a Non-Governmental Organisation/Charity?

Plan A is a registered for-profit company in Germany, not a foundation, nor an initiative.

The change we need cannot happen solely relying on charity and voluntary action. We have to evolve the way we conduct business, economic development and social interactions to see the change we need. In order to be a viable complement to governmental action, Plan A has made the choice of this status. The business world has developed effective tools to measure and implement efficiency, which we import to the climate action world.

6. What is a project on Plan A’s platform?

A project on the Plan A platform is an intensive fundraising effort, designed to raise a specific sum of money within a defined period of time to finance a project or parts of a project. All campaigns on Plan A are related to activities fighting climate action and are related to at least one of our six themes of climate change.

Any registered NGO, company or individual can submit one or various projects here. If the project meets the criteria and the action scope of Plan A, the project will become an active campaign on the platform.

7. Who founded Plan A? When? Why?

Plan A was founded in the spring of 2017 by Lubomila Jordanova. The company was created out of the material realisation that something had to be done about the single greatest issue humanity has ever faced.

The problem: how can we organise, optimise and develop climate action so that it becomes efficient and impactful enough to save the planet in time? The solution: a data-driven action platform that channels funds to environmental organisations addressing these issues in the places that need it the most.

8. Where are you based?

We are based in Berlin, Germany.

9. Where does Plan A take action and why?

Plan A operates on all of planet Earth. We have developed an algorithm that gathers climate data and predicts where climate change is going to hit the hardest to understand which countries need the most urgent help. Explore the climate action globe to find the projects you can support.

We are open to working in all countries and all regions of the world, as long as our partners meet Plan A’s selection criteria.

Do you have a project? Fill in our application form to apply your climate action project and fundraise on the platform.

10. Why are there some countries with no projects on the globe?

Based on the algorithm’s insights we were able to outline the first 70 countries in most urgent need of funds to mitigate or adapt to climate change. We will be releasing more country profiles each week following further insights from the necessity of climate action and more insights from our data. Subscribe to our newsletter to get new country profiles in your inbox every week.

11. Why should NGOs or environmental startups choose Plan A?

We offer climate initiatives and environmental organisations innovative solutions against climate change, access to a network of planet-conscious individuals and a matchmaking programme for business sponsorships. With Plan A, organisations have a crowdfunding partner that shares their vision for a just, resilient and sustainable world.

Our aim is to make crowdfunding a reliable source of complementary funding for climate action projects. We want to ensure they have access to the resources they need to create the change we all need.

Our long-term partnership approach allows us to be there for organisations at different points of their project cycles. Finally, our partner organisations become part of a peer network of climate actors across the world in an effort to maximise knowledge exchange and coordination of the global fight against climate change.

12. Why do you care?

We are united by the belief that climate action and organising the future around a sustainable model of development is our priority. As stewards of this planet, we have a responsibility to curb those negative effects and keep the planet habitable for as many species as possible (including us).

We care because we truly love our planet’s treasures and truly fear for their losses during our lifetimes.

At present, the climate change movement and its financing are fragmented and lack an affirmative, solutions-based roadmap to a more resilient and just future for our planet. We offer a solution to organise and prioritise climate action and channel capital from individuals, businesses and governments with a data-driven selection process of the projects and the areas we focus on.

13. How long does it take for Plan A to transfer the funds to my project?

As soon as the campaign closes, we take 1-2 working weeks to transfer the funds to the project.

II. The Data Engine of Plan A

14. What does it mean “Plan A is a data-driven company?”

Plan A has developed an algorithm that predicts where and how climate change will hit the hardest, using publicly available data. Based on the insights from the algorithm, we channel capital to environmental organisations and innovators who address these issues in the affected locations.

We are also developing an industry tool to provide businesses with better ways to control their ecological impact, in particular, their supply chain and operations.

15. What sources do you gather information/data from?

Plan A works with the data published from various research findings (indices) and other publicly available data of climate change and environmental relevant indicators. The data originates from university research studies, international institutions and other authoritative knowledge centres. Here is the list of datasets that Plan A has used so far:

  • Environmental Performance Index (EPI)

  • Sustainable Development Index (SDGI)

  • Climate Vulnerability and Readiness Index (CVRI)

  • World Risk Report (WRI)

  • Footprint Network (EF)

  • Climate change performance Index (CCPI)

  • World Bank Development Indicators (WB Dev. Ind.)

  • World Bank Climate Change Indicators (WB CC)

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Indicators (UNStat)

  • World Bank Energy and Environment Indicators (WB Ene. Envi.)

  • UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAOStat)

  • International Union for Conservation of Nature (redlist)

  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)  (data)

  • Eurostat (data)

You can read it in the words of our Head of Data on our climate academy.

III. Plan A and me

16. Can I work for Plan A?

We are expanding our team and are always looking for people to help in various capacities. If you think you want to work in Plan A, tell us why on [email protected]

If you would like to volunteer, fill in our volunteer form.

17. I am business. How can I partner with Plan A?

We believe that addressing climate change successfully will only happen by engaging all partners in society, including and especially businesses. As the economic vessel of our societies, businesses have the power to orient, redistribute and create wealth in the right direction.

We are always keen to find synergies and potential points of convergence. Whether you are a business, a non-profit, an individual or a collective, we’re always trying to advance climate action. Please be part of it. Get in touch at [email protected] and let’s chat.

18. Can I become an ambassador of Plan A?

Yes, you can! If you would like to contribute to the sustainable transition at your level, get in touch with us at [email protected]. With your help, climate action can be louder, more efficient, and get more people involved. With our help, your voice can be heard. Together, we can create real change not to regress but to bring about a more sustainable world.

19. Can I contribute to the academy?

Do you write, create, design for change? The academy is always looking for contributors to explain climate change and sustainable action. Pitch your contribution with this volunteer form and we will be happy to build some content together for the greener good!

IV. Finance

20. What if my donation doesn’t go through?

If you have been debited from your card but have not received a receipt in your email, please get in touch with us on [email protected]. We will do the appropriate verifications and get back to you.

21. What payment methods do you accept?

The platform accepts most credit cards and Paypal. Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks and cash. We provide a gift receipt on behalf of the organisations you choose to support.