Lemurs play a fundamental role in maintaining the ecological health of Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, located off the eastern coast of Africa.

More than 90% of local fauna and flora exist only on the island, which makes it as rare as it is precious for humanity.

About 80% of the Malagasy populations rely directly on the island’s natural resources for their basic needs, like heating, agriculture and shelter.

Poverty has led local communities to resort to slash and burn agriculture and hunting for lemurs as a source of income or food. We need to curb these practices and give opportunities for local populations to make a living differently. That is the purpose of this campaign.

Help lemurs do what they do best, run around, be funny, and build forests for everyone.

Why does your donation matter?


will allow the rebuilding two classrooms, where 50 pupils will be able to get the education they so dearly need.


will allow to re-install the two stills for the local association of producers, both destroyed by the recent hurricane.


will rebuild the community’s ecotourism infrastructure and make repairs from the flooding and restructure this income source.


will provide a school canteen for 250 pupils, and meals for each day of school during one year.

Lemurs can’t do it alone. You can be the change.

Take part in our challenge


The Lemurs of Love campaign will raise the necessary funds to support local communities in and around the Vohimana forest.

The reconstruction of classrooms and the reparations of the ecotourism infrastructure will allow neighbouring villages
to divert from unsustainable subsistence practices, the #1 reason for the drastic drop in the lemur population.

With your help, we can turn this around.

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Our partner

Our partner Net Positive Impact is already on the ground laying the foundations of the supported projects. They will also be there after the funding to provide updates, reports, and love from Madagascar.

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