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April 28, 2022

Plan A discloses carbon footprint and decarbonisation commitment as part of its Sustainability Initiative

  • Greentech aims to decarbonise at least 80 % of its avoidable Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions by 2025
  • Plan A’s total carbon footprint for 2020 equals 85.74 tCO2e
  • Sustainability Initiative also includes Scientific Advisory Board appointment, joining of UN's SME Climate Hub, and signing of UNFCCC-backed Climate Pledge

Plan A, the corporate carbon accounting and decarbonisation software solutions provider, is leading by example and announcing its company-wide Sustainability Initiative today. As part of this vast plan, the Germany-based Greentech is disclosing its carbon footprint for the base year 2020 and aiming to decarbonise at least 80 % of its avoidable emissions by 2025, far exceeding Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) standard commitments of 42 % by 2030. Further components of Plan A’s initiative include the appointment of a Scientific Advisory Board, the joining of the UN's SME Climate Hub, and the signing of the Climate Pledge. Later this year, Plan A will publish a full-scope report for 2021, also including a publicly available decarbonisation strategy as a resource and inspiration for fast-growing companies to take scientifically sound action for sustainability.

Plan A Target Setting report for the base year 2020

Plan A's emission accounting methodology follows the guidelines of the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard (GHGp) and was audited and certified by TÜV Rheinland, the most authoritative certification body in German-speaking Europe. Based on this, Plan A has calculated a total carbon footprint of 85.74 tCO2e for the base year 2020. By comparison, this corresponds to around 86 one-way flights between Paris and New York. Broken down by Scopes and emission activities, the following picture emerges for the base year 2020:

Scope 3 Scope category Measures
Purchased goods and services 1 Sustainable procurement programme for goods
Usage of refurbished laptops and screens only
Catering only vegetarian and vegan meals for team events
Upstream transportation 4 Encouraging home office (on an average > 50 % of employees already work from home to reduce emissions from transportation)
Encouraging non-motorised transport and public transport (> 95 % of employees commute to office by bike and the remaining by public transport)
Waste generated during operations 5 Recycling bins and finding innovative solutions to reduce waste drastically
E-waste end-of-life programme
Business travel 6 Strict corporate policy to travel by rail instead of a flight for short distances within Europe

Decarbonisation strategy above and beyond Science Based Targets initiative

By 2025, Plan A will have decarbonised at least 80% of its avoidable emissions (internally and across its value chain). This target corresponds to a 5-year earlier and two times greater reduction in CO2 emissions than recommended by the Science Based Targets initiative for SMEs. On top of that, Plan A’s commitment not only includes Scopes 1 and 2 emissions, as required by the SBTi, but also those from Scope 3.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Plan A will continuously reflect on its decarbonisation strategy and introduce green policies wherever emissions can be reduced and avoided. The Sustainability Initiative team - set up specifically for this purpose - has already introduced a first wave of policy changes to enshrine some of the best practices and fastest decarbonisation shifts to meet the targets. For example, Plan A sponsors environmentally friendly practices among its employees: from the use of public transport to sustainable meals and waste separation. Some of the current and upcoming measures at a glance:

Scientific Advisory Board, SME Climate Hub, and Climate Pledge

Plan A announces the appointment of a Scientific Advisory Board to guide the company's approach, actions, and sustainability activities. The members of this advisory board, to be announced shortly, come from some of the most prominent organisations in the field of sustainability studies, climate science, decarbonisation, and ESG. The advisory board will be responsible for providing feedback on product development, presenting insights into market dynamics, and advising on visionary tools and methodologies for deep decarbonisation, and implementing joint initiatives.

In addition to its B Corp certification obtained in February 2022, Plan A is a signatory partner of the Climate Pledge and member of the SME Climate Hub that is recognised by the United Nation’s Race to Zero campaign.

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About Plan A

Plan A is a leading corporate decarbonisation and ESG optimisation software solutions provider. The German company has developed a SaaS platform that combines cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific standards and methodologies (certified by TÜV Rheinland). The end-to-end software solution automates CO2 emissions calculation, carbon reduction planning, and ESG reporting for companies. Plan A counts N26, Flixbus, BMW, JOKR, Société Générale and the European Union among its customers.

Founded in 2017, the company has already received several awards, most recently Generali’s SME EnterPRIZE Award 2021 and the prestigious The Europas Award 2021. Plan A closed a Series A funding round of USD 10 million in November 2021 (HV Capital and Keen Venture Partners, joining Demeter, coparion, and Softbank as investors). Plan A is a B Corp certified business and adheres to strict social and environmental standards. For more information, visit

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