Let the rivers run free

Let the rivers run free

Dams demonstrate the altering power of humans over their environment like no other activities.

In time, the ‘gold rush’ for hydropower’ extinguished the power of the world’s biggest rivers. Overfunded and over-subsidised in comparison to their energetic significance, these projects multiplied, as their justification was dwindling after each construction.

In the Balkan region, hydropower station projects have been developing accordingly and exponentially, encouraged by the international financial institutions’ loans.

As of today, no less than 2,800 projects menace to clot the entire region’s immaculate rivers. To stop these projects, awareness, education and legal action in courts are the best and proven solutions

What we can do together?


Improve knowledge about the biodiversity of those rivers and their crucial role for biological connectivity, endemism and cultural unity in the region.


Raise public awareness about Balkan Rivers, their ecological values and vulnerability. It will also help finance legal action against illegally started projects.


Coordinate the development of an international master plan with no-go areas for dam construction for all Balkan rivers

Legal action

Legal action: Stop all dam projects in 4 key areas of the Balkan river system with a challenge on the legal basis of the projects.

A great river refuses no streams, however small

Take part in our challenge

Let the wild rivers run

This campaign will support the efforts of Riverwatch to challenge the legal foundations of projects in three key ecological

regions of the Balkans: the Vjosa river, the Sava river, and Mavrovo National Park.

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Our partner

For this campaign, we have partnered with RiverWatch, an organisation already challenging the constructions on site in defense of EU and national laws.

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