CSRD Masterclass series

Explore how CSRD can transform your business

Explore CSRD’s transformative impact in Plan A’s two-part masterclass series. Learn how to make CSRD not just a reporting obligation, but a way to revolutionise your business, prepare effectively, and engage your executive team in embracing its strategic change.

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European companies now have to follow the CSRD regulations, representing 75% of all EU companies' turnover.

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) has entered into force on the January 1, 2024 and some companies are expected to publish their first CSRD report in 2025.

The CSRD strengthens and expands upon the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD), and introduces the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). Get ahead of the curve and ensure compliance with CSRD's mandatory requirements starting January 1, 2024. Businesses who prepare now will ultimately lead in the evolving corporate landscape.

CSRD Goals: enhance transparency, combat greenwashing, steer investments towards sustainability

A free programme designed to drive business transformation



Empower your company
Elevate your company’s sustainability strategy by implementing effective CSRD reporting, refining compliance strategies, and building policy confidence.
Acquire insights
Gain valuable tips and resources from industry experts to educate your team on the significance of CSRD.
Foster understanding
Ensure every person in your team understands their role to make CSRD a business advantage.


Prepare to steer your business company towards meeting the stringent ESG performance standards mandated by the CSRD.
Navigate effectively
Acquire insights on navigating contemporary ESG topics effectively, ensuring your company's readiness for CSRD reporting.
Exceed expectations
Go beyond the expectations of your company's board, investors and stakeholders by proactively preparing for CSRD reporting.

Two-part masterclass series to achieve CSRD readiness

Masterclass 1

The implications of CSRD

The implications of CSRD: In this session, we’ll explore the intricate impacts of CSRD reporting on your business, addressing key areas such as compliance, risk management, and strategic planning.


Implications of CSRD reporting
Walkthrough of the CSRD readiness process
Guidance through the changes that the CSRD can bring to your company's operations
Masterclass 2

How to educate your executive teams on the opportunity behind the CSRD

Learn how to actively engage your company's executives in the journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.


Discover effective strategies
Seize the opportunities presented by the CSRD
Inspire your executives to think beyond their traditional roles

Meet our speakers

Photo of Sarah Sanford
ESG Policy & Target Setting Expert at Plan A
Sarah Sanford
ESG Policy & Decarbonisation Analyst at Plan A
Sarah Sanford is the ESG Policy & Decarbonisation Analyst at Plan A, serving as subject matter expert in ESG reporting, science-based targets, and decarbonisation. From U.S., she holds a Master's degree in Environmental Management from Duke University and brings over 10 years of experience in sustainability across both public and private sectors to her role at Plan A.
Photo of Jacob Friedman
Chief Customer Officer
at Plan A
Jacob Friedman
Chief Customer Officer at Plan A
Jacob Friedman is Plan A's Chief Customer Officer, heading a dedicated team who empower sustainability teams across Europe to succeed in their net-zero journeys. A graduate of Harvard Business School and Brown University, Jacob has over 13 years of extensive experience working at the intersection of the private sector and sustainable practices, including as a founding lead of a climate policy non-profit in the United States.

Learning highlights from the masterclass

Comprehensive overview of the CSRD
How the CSRD is changing the regulatory landscape
Strategies to educate your company's executives about CSRD opportunities
Steps to achieve CSRD readiness
What CSRD reporting means for your business
How other organisations are exploiting CSRD opportunities
+3000 professionals trained

Achieve CSRD readiness with Plan A


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“Thank you so much for creating this program, it has helped me bridge a knowledge gap I had especially around the drive to net-zero.”


“I want to share my special regards and appreciation to the team for designing such a wonderful program. As the person in charge of implementing corporate sustainable practices at our company, this program will be my starting point. I will keep you posted on my developments.”


“You are doing such a great, unique and essential job. I love all your learning resources, engaging communication and the enormous impact you have on positive environmental change. I am grateful I have discovered you. Thank you for this course and everything.”


“First of all: thank you !! The resources were very interesting and adapted to different levels of awareness. Keep doing what you're doing.”


“There is a lot of information out there so it was invaluable to get this curated and expert content to align on the key concepts before exploring the operational side of carbon accounting.”


“Thanks to this programme, I now feel more confident as the head of sustainability to discuss strategic topics with the leadership of the company!”


“The resources were really useful and easy to action within my company.”


“I would like to thank all the Plan A team members who contributed to theSoftware & IT Sustainability Programme. It was a beneficial content and webinar, there were some good examples and information mentioned.”


"This was my first introduction to the concrete links between finance and sustainability/decarbonisation. I feel this will be game changer for us, we’re setting up a multidisciplinary task force to start modelling the ROI of reducing our emissions."


“I liked that the content was self-paced and easily accessible to read vs having to watch videos. I also appreciated the diversity of links and the differentiation of some content by region.”


“It was great to learn more about carbon reductions / net-zero in tech sector. I found the resource section especially helpful.”


“Thanks, this programme is a good kick start for many companies that don't know what to do first. The content was widely helpful and I have been recommending the programme to my colleagues.”


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Plan A is more than just a solution. We're here for you every step of the journey. With years of experience in business transformation and a distinguished place in the top 5% of global B-Corp governance, we walk the talk. Supported by our Scientific Advisory Board and a team of decarbonisation experts, we have been trusted by over 1,500 companies.
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