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Company philosophy

We are greentech pioneers.

At Plan A, we aspire to global decarbonisation and mitigating the worst impacts of climate change. We approach this challenge by empowering businesses to transform with sustainability as their core DNA. We collaborate with each other and external partners, by using a scientific approach and respecting the triple bottom line: people, planet & profit.
By joining Plan A, you become part of the future.
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World Economic Forum
Technology Pioneer 2022 100
LinkedIn Top Startups 2022 in Deutschland
Business Punk & Statista
Top Startup-Arbeitgeber 2022
B Corp "Best for the World" Award

We empower

Progressing for the better by taking actions with peers and stakeholders.
“There is a wide need of awareness and education around corporate sustainability and we are able to connect business stakeholders with climate science and data to empower them on their sustainability journey.”
Growth Marketer

We walk the talk

Acting as role model by balancing people, planet & profit, sustainably.
“I’m proud to be part of a top B-Corp company and that we are very thorough in our own sustainability initiative.”
Sales Development Lead

We are positive

Embracing kindness and self-reflection with an optimistic attitude.
“Climate change is a grim topic and it can be easy to be defeatist. Plan A does a great job of maintaining positivity and a belief that it can be fixed.”
Engineering Manager

We collaborate

Connecting the dots together and tackling our complex mission with courage.
“We collaborate, because collaboration is a critical factor for success and creating a good working environment for the team.”
Operations Manager

We are pioneers

Leading the way with a science-based approach to deliver solutions to climate change.
“It is exciting to be at the forefront of green-tech efforts.”
UX Designer
Team testimonials
Plan A employee profile image
“Since I started working here two years ago, the Plan A software has developed and improved a lot. I like the working culture at Plan A; I feel the care, enthusiasm, and knowledge of my colleagues and the professionalism of the company. Plan A also cares about the employee’s sustainable development. You can see this care reflected in the benefit package. For example, the psychological support, the pension scheme, and the flexible working conditions (e.g. work from home, work from everywhere for 30 days).”
Carbon Accounting Expert
“Plan A, for me, combines professionalism and passion to tackle one of the world's most threatening issues. Our mission is not just a statement, but is truly embedded in everyone's everyday work life and interactions. During my hiring process, I felt well accompanied, I got to know all of the members of Plan A I have very regular contact with now, and most importantly received the opportunity to evaluate myself if Plan A would be a fit for me and my requirements.”
Head of People & Culture
“I am grateful to work for a company that values open communication, and learning from highly talented and dedicated people. As a team, we are passionate about sustainability and are determined to leverage our diverse expertise to turn corporate data into climate action, tackling the most complex crisis of our time. In a highly dynamic environment such as Plan A, there is tremendous room for growth. The team empowers us to make the most of these opportunities. I joined the team two years ago and I regularly felt the chance to develop within the organisation.”
Partnership manager
“For me, Plan A is a big family with a common purpose. I especially like the people at Plan A and that I can grow as an engineer while serving a valuable purpose. I was first hired as a WordPress developer to build the Plan A Academy but I didn’t really want to develop that technology skill. Plan A gave me the opportunity to work on the product and learn React (a very popular Front-End framework). It gave a big boost to my career.”
Senior Frontend Developer
Plan A employee profile image
"I am impressed by the lovely and creative people at Plan A. Everyone here has one mission that drives them. We are truly collaborating at Plan A, and everyone is welcome to contribute with their ideas, no matter their role or position. I remember that when I started at Plan A the Onboarding was very well-prepared and directly helped me to get up to date quickly. Not to forget the new joiner's lunch on the first day, where I met a big part of the people working at Plan A."
Principal Engineer
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Enjoy the perks of remote work but always feel free to join us in our offices in Berlin, Paris, London, as well as in other cities in Europe.

What can you expect from us?

Contribution to a bigger purpose! Push the needle on climate action by contributing to the success of our carbon management and ESG software.
We value collaboration over competition. You will become part of a collaborative and cross-functional environment, where we regularly share knowledge.
We are always growing and so are you. We support you with 'My Plan A', a program to enable your career journey and reach your professional development goals.
Enjoy our top notch, dog-friendly, fully equipped offices, and the flexibility to work remotely, in-office, or a bit of both thanks to our hybrid working structure.
We make sure that you have enough time and tools to focus on yourself. Every employee benefits from our free time policy; 30-days working from anywhere, annual educational leave and sabbatical leave, employee stock options (VSOP), a company pension, and mental health coaching.

Recruiting Process

We want to get to know you, uncover your skills, and what motivates you. Our recruiting process is customised by role and thus the process below can be subject to change. Here is a broad overview of what you can expect:
Initial Interview
Technical interview
Case study / coding task
Team and/or panel interview
Meet Plan A’s CEO, Lubomila

Recruitment philosophy

We aim to be as transparent as possible during the recruitment process. Every candidate will receive a recruitment guide to navigate them through each step of the hiring procedure. The recruiting team is always there to help answer your open questions, and to provide feedback.
Diversity & inclusion
At Plan A we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity and encourages you to be you. We believe that businesses should represent the world we want to live in, and so we encourage applications from people of different ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and physical or neuro-diversity.
We treat each candidate the same way. This means that we give every candidate the same opportunities along the hiring journey. It also means that we are honest with the candidate on the position and ensure it aligns with the candidate’s expectation.

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