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Our mission

Facilitate the sustainable transition of the global economy

Plan A is developing technology that enables companies to reduce their carbon emissions and become champions in a net-zero world.
Plan a story in numbers

Our commitment to the planet

Founded in 2017, Plan A is at the forefront of sustainability solutions. As an award-winning SaaS platform, we specialise in corporate carbon accounting, decarbonisation, and ESG reporting. But we're more than just a software provider—we're shaping the future of sustainable business.
1 gigatonne
carbon measured and reduced per year
Our vision is to measure and reduce 1 gigatonne of CO2e on an annual basis. Thousands of businesses trust Plan A to guide their complete net-zero journey, and we are committed to leading these companies towards tangible decarbonisation.
companies and partners on the net-zero mission
We have developed a world-class network of sustainability experts, scientific board members, proactive employees, entrepreneurs, and dynamic organisations that define change. Together we are building an ecosystem of sustainability leaders that will push make a real difference.
1,000 +
decarbonisation solutions & activities on platform
Our decarbonisation experts have pooled together innovative and effective decarbonisation levers that businesses can implement to catalyse real change within their organisation and make substantial progress towards hitting their net-zero targets.
Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir
High Level Champion, COP26
High Level Champion of the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, Board Member of B Lab and Founder of Sistema B
Michael Sheren
President and Chief Strategy Officer at MVGX
President and Chief Strategy Officer of the Metaverse Green Exchange and Prince of Wales Fellow at Cambridge University's Institute For Sustainable Leadership; former Senior Advisor at Bank of England
Dr Kirsten Dunlop
Managing Director, Climate-KIC
Climate-KIC is Europe's largest public-private innovation partnership for climate innovation
Board photo Dr Kirsten Dunlop - Managing director Climate-KIC
Chad Frischmann
CEO and Founder of Regenerative Intelligence
Regenerative Intelligence is a global advisory enabling the implementation of a ‘system of solutions' for the planet and people. He is also former co-author, lead researcher, and architect of "Project Drawdown"
Prof. Dr Jürgen P. Kropp
Deputy Head of Climate Resilience Research, PIK
Deputy Head of the Climate Resilience Research Department at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Board photo Dr Dr Jürgen P. Kropp - Deputy Head of Climate Resilience Research, PIK
Martin Wainstein
Founder & Exec. Director, Open Earth Foundation
Open Earth Foundation, is a non-profit research and development organisation developing digital innovations to improve planetary resilience. Martin is also the founder of Yale Open Lab
Board photo Martin Wainstein- Founder & Exec. Director, Open Earth Foundation
our Scientific commitment

Our scientific advisory board

At Plan A, our Scientific Advisory Board plays an instrumental role in steering our business strategy, assuring compliance with cutting-edge scientific standards and methodologies. This board specifically analyses sustainability trends, facilitates industry partnerships, and leads cross-disciplinary initiatives.

Our sustainable objectives and commitments

Our impact

Our sustainability initiative

Plan A's sustainability initiative represents our dedication to driving decarbonisation and promoting ESG values across our entire organisation. The Sustainability Initiative is not just about setting goals—it's about taking decisive action. We're committed to rigorously calculating and reducing Plan A's emissions, using our own platform as a tool and testament to our sustainable promise.

As we walk the talk, we aim to inspire and lead by example, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in corporate sustainability.

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