About Plan A

Plan A believes that companies have the power to pave the way to a more sustainable future for our world. We exist to help companies build a carbon-neutral and sustainable economy. We do this by providing a digital platform for companies to reduce their environmental impact, engage their employees, and drive their own agenda towards carbon neutrality.

Impact you trust. With tools you trust.


We believe that science should inform the sustainability journey of companies. The technology behind our software uses over 305,000 data points to ensure a high level of accuracy in emissions measurements. We consistently feed our model a growing amount of public and private data to create an optimised roadmap for each of our clients. With these insights, companies are able to understand their carbon emission levels and prepare for environmental risks ahead of the markets where they operate.

Carbon reduction

We believe that carbon reduction is key for making companies future proof. This is why we have built technology that can provide companies with personalised sustainability action plans, that aim to reduce the carbon footprint of a company. These plans help companies to reduce their carbon footprint up to 30% within a year, engage their stakeholders, such as clients and employees and tangibly transform the company into a more sustainable one.


We work directly with our project partners to ensure that impact reporting is embedded in the sustainability journey of our clients. Finance from our corporate sponsorship and carbon offsetting scheme funds Gold Standard certified community-driven projects that respond to the UN Sustainable Development goals. We believe in fair pricing for carbon offsets and host projects that have been certified by Fairtrade to ensure that offsetting contributes to better living conditions for communities that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.


We believe that carbon reduction is key to making companies future-proof. We have built technology that can provide businesses with adapted sustainability action plans that aim to reduce CO₂ emissions. These carbon reduction plans help our partner companies tangibly transform their companies into more sustainable ones.

Our Declaration of Principle

For far too long have we ignored nature's capacity to transform our lives in seconds. Until now, when we no longer can. Heatwaves, floods, hurricanes, droughts, wildfires across the globe and scores of humans, animals and trees are gone. Extreme weather events in all corners of the Earth have been shouting at us that climate change is real and we need to act.

Which is why we built Plan A. The vision from day one has been to facilitate the process of empowering businesses to become more sustainable and enable them to become the vehicle of change in the fight against climate change. Businesses have an incredible opportunity to influence large scale change and this should be harnessed to build a better and more sustainable future for all.

We are working towards building a community of employees, businesses and industry bodies engaged in climate action across the spectrum, all over the globe. Why? Because there is no Plan B for our planet.

CEO & Founder, Plan A