There is no Plan B for our planet

Plan A is the first knowledge and donation platform solely dedicated to climate change.

Our mission is to create a resilient and just future for our planet and all its inhabitants through storytelling, fundraising and engagement.

Our model is simple: one campaign, one theme, one month.

We host campaigns that gather funds for our six themes:

Our themes

  • Forests Forests
  • Oceans Oceans
  • Wildlife Wildlife
  • Sustainable living Sustainable living
  • Waste Waste
  • Energy Energy
jellyfish jellyfish jellyfish

What’s our focus?

Knowledge Generation

We go beyond facts and figures to uncover how changes in our planet’s climate are affecting communities and ecosystems around the world. We spur collective action through grounded understanding of the causes and effects of climate change and the steps we need to take toward a more resilient planet.

Wide Geographical Reach

Climate change is global but its impact around the world is uneven. Our campaigns support organisations with distinct local knowledge in different geographies in order to maximise the efficacy of each donation.

Comprehensive Approach

Climate change carries environmental, societal and economic risks. Effective climate action must address all of these aspects in parallel. Our campaigns are grounded in multi-stakeholder engagement and offer a comprehensive approach to collective climate action.

forest scene forest scene

Why now?

The statistics are in. And they’re shocking. Both science and nature are constantly reminding us that our way of handling the environment is not sustainable and the consequences we face are as much dramatic for the flora and the fauna, as much as they are for us.

The situation we are facing is becoming glaringly obvious. We need to talk less, and take action towards lasting change towards a sustainable world.

We aim to be at the forefront of this fight. Alongside you.

2016 was the warmest year since 1880
Heat extreams happen 4-5 times more often
200 mln climate change refugees by 2050
Lubomila Jordanova Lubomila Jordanova Lubomila Jordanova

Who is behind this platform?

My name is Lubomila Jordanova and I am the founder of Plan A.

In the beginning of 2016 I had a deep realisation of the negative impact we, as humans, have on our planet. I began to understand the ever-increasing likelihood of irreversible change, which gave me the inspiration to buid a platform solely dedicated to environmental themes: a platform that provides knowledge, gathers a community, and most importantly identifies impactful actions that can be taken to address the problems that our planet faces now.

And because of my love for sloths. And sloth bears. And skiing. And summer breezes.

I am firm we still have a chance to reestablish our relationship with nature and secure a healthy and sustainable future for the coming generations. I will give my time and effort to change the dire reality we are facing. But it will take some work. Of all of us together.

Want to join me on this bumpy ride?

Who do we work with?

For each campaign we select a group of organisations that have a proven track record in their particular topic (sea turtles, seagulls, oak trees, you name it).

The donations gathered from each campaign will be divided equally among our partner charities. We will set aside 10% for Plan A to keep our operations running.