Because there is no Plan B for our planet
We exist to help companies build a carbon-neutral and sustainable economy.
Co-Founder & CEO of Plan A

Our Declaration of Principle

For far too long have we ignored nature's capacity to transform our lives in seconds. Until now, when we no longer can. Heatwaves, floods, hurricanes, droughts, wildfires across the globe and scores of humans, animals and trees are gone. Extreme weather events and consistent climatic changes around the world have been indicating that climate change is real and we need to act.

Which is why we built Plan A, the first software that enables businesses to monitor and reduce their emissions, while improving their ESG performance. Our software empowers businesses to manage their carbon accounting, while mitigating their negative impact on the planet. Making them the leading stakeholder in the fight towards net-zero.

Why? Because there is no Plan B for our planet.

Co-Founder & CEO, Plan A
Co-Founder & CEO Lubomila
Look beyond tomorrow
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We help solve problems and proposing solutions that make sense for companies, people and our planet.
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We will come out of the climate crisis on top, with a more positive and efficient model.
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We provide the tools to support organizations determined to make meaningful changes.
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We follow recognised international standards of reporting and pledge to provide a thorough and accurate service.

Meet the team

Plan A is a collection of individual whose whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

We are proud of the diversity of backgrounds, skills and experiences that coexist at Plan A. This helps us to address sustainability from all angles and develop the holistic approach to carbon accounting we believe can make a difference for people, business and planet.
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Lubomila Jordanova
Co-Founder & CEO
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Nathan Bonnisseau
Co-Founder & CMO
Amy McPherson
People and Culture Manager
Harrison Boyns
Data Engineer
Ingrid Jacquet
Front End Engineer
Jacob Friedman
VP of Customer Success
Jan-Jaap Verhoeve
Julian Orinyol
Full Stack Engineer
Karim Berbari
CEO Office - Associate
Kristina Osipov
Product Designer Lead
Lucy Lyons
Sustainability Associate
Product Designer
Nick Dale
Oliver Bley
Sustainability Lead
Oliver Spragg
Phuong Nguyen
Carbon Accounting Asssociate
Radina Tsareva
Full Stack Engineer
Rafel Dujarric
Back End Engineer
Ramana Gudipudi
Decarbonisation Lead
Santeri Lehtonen
Carbon Accounting Associate
Scarlett O'Toole
Product Designer
Shelley Obery
Junior Data Engineer
Simon Dotzer
Tara Bernoville
Content Creator
Tom Kerby
Operations Manager
Vamsidhar Akuraju